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Video storytelling insights from our first Storyteller Circle panel

May 25, 2018


Throughout the years, we’ve met tons of amazing writers, artists, producers, marketers, business owners – all of which have a story, and are always searching for the best way to tell it. So we decided to launch a new series of Storyteller Circle events, where both expert and emerging storytellers can come together as a community and learn from one another… and after the success of our first Circle this week, we’re excited to keep the conversation going.

Since video is clearly our favorite topic, we decided to kick off the series with a heavy focus on Storytelling in a Video-First World. Our CEO and co-founder Zohar spoke with Ken Gibbs (VP Digital Video & Social Content, BET), Kima Cooper (Director, of Social Media & Content, Birchbox), Colleen Schmidt (Supervising Producer, People Video), and Kevin O’Connell (Director of Video Production, Wibbitz) about their own experiences with video – and the insights they provided were just too good to keep to ourselves.

Click here to watch recap videos from the event, or watch the full panel below. If you like what you see, make sure to keep your eye out for our future Circles – our goal is to cover each and every aspect of modern storytelling!