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3 ways to captivate your Instagram audience by repurposing video content

Aug 15, 2018


For any professional looking to reach their goals in today’s digital economy, a solid Instagram video strategy makes all the difference – and has become an essential element in every successful brand. That’s why we decided to start our Explore Instagram series, where we’ll take a deep dive into the various ways you can leverage Instagram to connect with all types of audiences, and benefit any kind of business. Keep your eye out for more posts in this series each month, and make sure to follow the Wibbitz Instagram page for daily inspiration from our team! 


With a simple user interface paired with the playful nature of its Stories feature, Instagram is undeniably addicting to users. And now, with the introduction of IGTV, Instagram can be a destination for longer form, short-form, and micro-video content – and is quickly becoming one of the most versatile visual storytelling tools for brands.

We know Instagram attracts eyeballs, but how can a brand keep up with the speed that people scroll? By repurposing content you already have! And no, it’s not cheating. It’s being resourceful. Repurposing content can ensure that users don’t miss it the first time and it can reinforce a message. Between the main Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, and IGTV, there are three ways to reinforce your story through a single platform.

Below are a few tips to help you rethink the way you can use, and reuse, your own video content to captivate for Instagram throughout a user’s journey. If you find yourself wanting even more Instagram insights, make sure to watch recap videos from our last Storyteller Circle in NYC.

Become the guru

You can always repurpose video content to position your brand as the thought leader on a specific interest, like SmarterTravel did with these Spa Getaway pieces created in the Wibbitz platform. By creating a storyline that offers info on travel with a specific goal in mind, they were able to inspire their audience to take action. They capitalized on the power of their knowledge in the space by repurposing their content to captivate for Instagram across IGTV and their website. Now, more viewers will think of their brand when it comes to insightful travel tips.

DIY it up

Instagram video is a great format for educational content. And followers crave this kind of storytelling if your product requires a little explanation, or a little inspiration. Check out how Fenty Beauty tapped into that insight with the makeup tutorial videos they shared on IGTV and in their stories.

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Hashtag with a purpose

Hashtags are ubiquitous and, when used in excess, can make a brand come off as disingenuous. But they’re undeniably powerful tools for helping to push your content into people’s feeds. To ensure that your brand remains authentic, think of a hashtag that you can own and then back it up with video content that shows instead of just tells – like Everlane did with their #Damngooddenim storyline. They created a unique hashtag and then supported it with educational video content that they used to captivate for Instagram across their timeline and in their stories.