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3 video marketing strategies to build your real estate brand and optimize your listings

By Taylor Spallino | Oct 10, 2019


The real estate market is undeniably a tough space, saturated with competition and riddled with distractions that can easily overwhelm prospective buyers. In order to maximize your success in the market, it’s critical for real estate professionals to leverage a strategic marketing mix that drives buyer interest and engagement, and builds a memorable brand.

The online experience you provide on your website and listing pages can be a huge make or break for the buyer, and with millennials holding strong as the largest demographic segment of homebuyers for 5 years running, it’s more important than ever to have an online strategy that appeals to the first generation that grew up with tech.

According to the data gathered in one of our latest reports, millennials spend an average of 2.5 hours per day online watching videos. It’s a format they’re both familiar with and enjoy as part of their daily media consumption. It’s also a visually compelling means to both educate prospective buyers on an industry they may be unfamiliar with (as potential first-time buyers), and create demand around your most important listings.

Here are just a few of the creative ways our clients are leveraging real estate marketing videos to build their brand and boost traffic + conversions for their business:

Build customer trust: Lombardo Homes

One of the core building blocks of a strong brand is credibility. Building trust among your audience demonstrates that you’re invested in their future success. Video marketing is a great show (rather than tell) tactic that can really help humanize your brand, and in the real estate industry it can also instill confidence in your prospective clients that you’re aware and ready to address the common concerns that come with new home investment.

Lombardo Homes does just that by putting a face to the name of one of their agents, and making their prospective clients feel confident that this real estate firm is one step ahead of the curve. In the video below, Ciara, Lombardo’s spotlight real estate agent, empathizes with the challenge of identifying the build-to-move-in timing of a new home and lining that up with the start of a child’s new school year. She offers her help and guidance in maneuvering that process, which leaves a lasting impression on her company’s brand that one of their values is attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction.

Share thought leadership & industry tips: ListingLlama

Thought leadership is another critical component of brand building and demonstrating value in the market beyond just your product or service itself. In terms of real estate marketing, video guides that share industry facts & best practices for buyers and sellers can be instrumental in guiding a sale to close won.

Similar to our previous example, this type of strategic content builds brand recognition and loyalty and makes the client feel engaged with a company that’s invested in their success.

ListingLlama does a fantastic job in the video below by highlighting some important tips that sellers can use to increase their chances of successfully appealing to potential buyers. It includes interesting facts that sellers may not know, such as “most buyers decide within 8 seconds of seeing a home if they’re interested in buying it.” Each of the seven tips offered is coupled with visuals that demonstrate the difference that these small changes can make, and the big impact they can have.

Tell a story with your featured listings: Adair Homes

When it comes to marketing your most important listings there’s nothing more powerful than the visual representation. But to fully optimize your listings you need to take it to the next level. From visual representation to visual storytelling. Building that story arc means moving away from covering solely the specs of an individual listing to painting a full picture of all the possibilities within the home.

This strategic video marketing can inspire emotion and excitement in your prospective clients and get their wheels turning on all the ways they can transform a particular house into a home.

Adair Homes incorporates this concept well in their featured listings videos, such as The Everett video below. They cover all the main features of the home while working in those important details that make the video feel more personable, such as mentioning the possibility of there being chefs in the family (spacious kitchen), lots of overnight guests (extra bedrooms), or children who need extra play space (bonus room).

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