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5 times a newsroom revealed its silly side

Sep 22, 2015


Working in a newsroom can often be overwhelming. Journalists and editors spend their days observing our fast-paced world and responding at the drop of a hat, showing their precision in reporting even in the most strenuous circumstances. Everyone needs a break now and then, and these dedicated professionals are no exception. It may be hard to believe but journalists, and even all-business editors, know how to let loose and unleash their silliness better than most…

  1. Down On One Knee at the Detroit Free Press.

Zlati Meyer, a reporter for the Detroit Free Press, walked into the newsroom last May like any other day on the job. As she walked in, Zlati was serenaded by Sky Covington while her coworkers handed her a dozen roses. Zlati’s boyfriend, Marcel Cohen, proceeded to get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. Although Zlati couldn’t report on the story, it’s safe to say it was news of the century.

  1. News Anchor Dances to Retirement 

The WXYZ newsroom staff showed their goofy side when anchor, Diana Lewis, announced her retirement. Not only did she throw her team a surprise party to celebrate, she led them to it in a dance. Congo line anyone?

  1. Nowruz Flash Mob 

The staff of BBC Persia rang in Nowruz, the spring equinox and Persian New Year, by organizing a musical flash mob in their very own newsroom. The team went from working at their desks to a full-blown dance production, and they were all smiles.

  1. Relay Races at York Daily Record 

Journalists, editors and other staff members at the York Daily Record organized an interesting team bonding activity: a race against the clock to build the best paper snowman. Maybe next year they’ll up the ante and take the competition outside for a real snowman-making race!

  1. Pulitzers and Prosecco at the Post

When the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for their photographs, they spared no expense to commemorate the exciting event. Tears were shed and a whole slew of bottles were popped at this newsroom party. We’d propose a toast, but they beat us to it.

Maybe it’s the constant frenzy of newsrooms that drives these uncharacteristic events. Or perhaps it’s just the silly side of newsroom staff that cracks their hard exterior from time to time. Either way it’s refreshing to know that the often harsh, and even brutal, environment of newsrooms has its lighter moments. Some of the best relationships are built in hectic and exciting workplaces, and its inspiring to know that even in the most pressured work environments it’s possible to have some fun.