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5 ways to cover pop culture news for today’s music fans

Feb 4, 2019


For a music lover, there is almost nothing better than hearing stories about the artists they love the most (except for listening to the music itself, of course). Learning about the events and performances their favorite singers have coming up is also very exciting for a music fan.

It makes sense why. Listening to music when you are by yourself is amazing. But being able to connect with others over a shared obsession at a live event or watch someone you idolize receive recognition for their work is next level.

And with the Grammy’s coming up, many content creators are wondering how to help give fans the extra special experiences they crave. Whether you plan to do some Grammy coverage, share the latest music news today, or satisfy their pop culture news thirst, you can use video to make them feel like they’re always in the VIP section.

Here are some real world examples of how to develop your video strategy around every major music event.

Cover red carpets like BET

BET slayed just as much as the well-dressed ladies at their Soul Train Awards when they created this video. This inside peak at the hottest and most aspirational looks on the red carpet makes the viewer feel like they were really there. Because it’s one of the most influential brands in the industry, it’s no surprise that BET has dominated the video sector for sharing music news today.

Short-form video has become a priority for BET and the results speak for themselves. Working with Wibbitz, the television channel has produced a monthly average of over 63 videos. Each piece of content, like the one in this example, receives over 110K views and over 266 average engagements through Facebook video per month. CASE STUDY: Learn more about BET’s success with short-form video since they started using Wibbitz.

Be more like BET and create some videos that make fans feel included. They’ll be sure to show their appreciation on social media.

Test their fandom like REVOLT

REVOLT TV’s team has found some great ways to leverage Wibbitz and make a variety of videos for every trending story they cover. Their goal in making this content is to further establish themselves as an authority in the world of music and pop culture news while still maintaining their unique voice and style.

In this example, REVOLT has chosen to have a little fun with fans of the artist Nas by quizzing them on some of his most interesting trivia. Whether or not they get every answer right, viewers enjoy learning something new about their favorite rapper. The great news for video content creators is that they are plenty of celebrities your followers would love to get to know better too, so why not make a video quiz of your own?

Try micro-video content like Billboard

Billboard loves to spice up Grammy’s coverage. Which is why they chose to create this super short video announcement for their Instagram Stories. This vertical Snippet video, clocking in around 10 seconds, shows a photo of the next Grammy’s host along with a snippet of her singing.

Even though the news was also covered on their website and blog, Billboard’s Instagram video made the story more interactive and entertaining. You could easily create headline videos like this one for any news announcement.

Cover festival trends like iHeart

The iHeartRadio Music Festival recently featured one of the most popular celebrities of all time: Baby Shark. If you don’t have a toddler in your household, you may not be aware of this incredibly catchy tune. But trust us when we say, featuring a video of this beloved guest on the iHeartRadio Facebook page was a brilliant move. Because the video features a trending topic, it can easily be searched for or discovered by fans. Since its release 4 months ago, the video created with Wibbitz has reached over 24K views.

Baby Shark | #iHeartDayStage

Baby Shark swims onto the #iHeartDayStage!

Posted by iHeartRadio on Monday, September 24, 2018


Promote live experiences like

LiveNation’s put together a great collection of shared content, video clips, and text content repurposed from Robert Delong’s performance. This vertical video created with Wibbitz was used for an Instagram Story, and has since been saved as a #SetlistLive Highlight on the brand’s account.

It starts by showing the artist’s own post about the event and is followed by text that simply says, “Live”. After that we see more information about where fans can watch the performance along with some entertaining boomerangs of the singer. It all comes together to create a terrific promo for an incredible live stream.