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7 ways to win over Gen Z audiences

Jan 31, 2019


Looking for ways to influence the next most influential generation? Understanding what marketing strategies work best for Gen Z audiences is important now more than ever – which is why we recently surveyed these audiences for our latest report, How to reach audiences with social video: From Millennials to Generation Z. Turns out, you’re probably doing a lot of things right already. But there are some critical – and surprising – differences you should know about. All in all, connecting with this new wave of consumers might be easier than you think, as long as you keep these tips in mind.

Use video.

Marketing to Gen Z requires an understanding of what types of media they’re most interested in. For example, members of Gen Z actually spend more time per day watching videos than Millennials do, regardless of what device they’re using. They’re also more likely to share videos than articles with their friends. Even if video is already a major component of your marketing plan, prepare to increase your creation efforts in the coming years.

Leverage YouTube.

While Millennials still love Facebook videos, Gen Z prefers YouTube for their viewing experience. That might be because YouTube is now more widely used for career development and entertainment purposes. Facebook videos, on the other hand, are where groups who watch videos go to consume world news. Provide value to your Gen Z audience with YouTube videos that help them build their futures. Or even just have a laugh!

Target Instagram.

While you’re building up your YouTube content, take another look at your Instagram page. Yes, Gen Z loves all the other social media platforms too. But our recent study revealed that younger consumers are far less likely to follow a brand than an individual on every major platform, but provide a slightly higher threshold for their favorite brands on Instagram. So brands who use this content outlet have a higher chance at gaining followers than on any other other social video platform.

Make native ads.

You might be surprised to learn that Gen Z is more open to being marketed to than their millennial peers. According to our research, Gen Z statistics show that they really like social video ads – but they were 15% more likely than millennials to feel indifferent to them. Plus, the majority respondents that did say they liked social video ads named YouTube as their favorite social platform, and admitted to purchasing a product immediately after seeing an ad. So if you create ads that truly speak to younger audiences, in their native language, and on their favorite platforms, they’re much more likely to act on them… or, at the very least, feel more positively about your brand.

Delight them.

When it comes to actually creating the content you need to first ask yourself, who is Gen Z? Having grown up with smartphones, they’ve pretty much seen it all. So to really capture their attention, you’ll need to win them over with things they like. And, according to this survey, they love content that is funny, relatable, or bizarre. For the Generation who has access to it all, give them something goofy or strange they’ll remember and (perhaps most importantly) want to share with their friends.

Support them.

Anyone in the process of planning or creating Gen Z marketing would also be wise to consider one of their defining traits: social justice. As a whole, Gen Zers love to support and be supported by their peers and the brands they give their precious attention to. Create content that advocates for inclusivity and social responsibility and you’ll win them over in no time.

Connect them.

A sense of community is important to Gen Z audiences. Viewing content that makes them feel understood goes a long way towards building relationships. Share marketing materials that are highly relatable or speak to their interests in pop culture and current trends (like this Top Story video that got the most love from our customers in 2018) if you want them to obsess over your brand. Winning Generation Z marketing campaigns are often a mixture a both.