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3 ways marketing leaders are leveraging technology to run nimble content teams

By Jonathan Villa | Apr 4, 2019


Last week’s Digital Marketing Innovation Summit was definitely one for the books! The event brought with it some of the most successful digital marketing leaders from companies like AP, Captain Morgan, and Tory Burch, and provided major insights into the future of the industry – including a panel hosted by our very own VP of Marketing, Hilary Kay, and Binti Pawa, SEO Director of TheStreet. The panel revolved around the relationship between humans and machines in the age of automation and artificial intelligence, and how these technologies are helping their own teams streamline their team processes and scale content creation as much as possible. Here are some of the emerging technologies they covered:

1. Chatbots

Often times, new customers and website visitors will need help navigating your site or, in some cases, understanding your product. As Hilary explained during the panel, the usage of chatbots has helped the entire Wibbitz team be faster and more efficient in tackling problems, answering questions, and generating new leads.

Automating communication increases the speed that your brand and your customers can find common ground. And the best part— chatbots can operate 24/7, so customers in all parts of the world can always have your helping hand whenever they need it!

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2. Google Answer Box

According to TheStreet’s Binti Pawa, one of the most invaluable things to do for SEO is getting your page on Google’s Answer Box. Getting featured ensures the highest ranking on a given search without the need for Google Adwords.

In order to achieve this, the first step is to figure out the intent behind a search. Is the person you’re hoping to reach looking for an in-depth explanation, quick statistics, a visual explanation, or something else? What kind of medium or format (video, blog, listicle, or article) would be the best way for them to get the answer they’re searching for? Content that is specifically created to target that search intent will increase your chances of getting your content featured as an Answer Box, and in turn, position your brand as a thought leader for that specific topic.

3. Content automation tools

Automation tools are finding their way into more and more content creation teams. With that said, AI will never replace content creators— it’s meant to streamline processes so creative people can spend more time being creative! Both panelists agreed that there are HUGE benefits to letting automation take care of the heavy lifting: it increases efficiency both in and out of the workplace, multiplies the amount of content you can produce in a given time period, and amplifies the quality of the content you create.

Email automation tools, for example, can help marketers engage with customers based on their interests, but still requires a bit of human guidance around what to send and when to send it. Video creation platforms like Wibbitz also make it easy for anyone, regardless of skill level, to create video through easy drag-and-drop methods and smart media searching. Automation and AI is a prime example of “working smarter, not harder” – something that every company should implement into their daily workflow.

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