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Looking Back at 2016: The Year’s Biggest Stories & Successes

By Zohar Dayan | Dec 29, 2016


Say what you will about 2016 – it definitely gave our publishers plenty of stories to cover. It also left us with some pretty exciting stories of our own. Just this year we’ve grown our team, enhanced our platform, built an outstanding community of premium partners, and contributed to a major shift in the media industry. Here’s a look back at some of our biggest accomplishments from 2016…

Wibbitz in the news 

Automated video began making major waves in the industry, and caught the attention of the press with articles covering Wibbitz in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Les Echos, and FOLIO. We were also thrilled to speak about video automation at major publishing events, including Online News Association 2016, Digiday Publishing Summit 2016, and Digiday Video Anywhere Summit 2016.

New partners sharing their stories with video

Aol, Bonnier, Reuters, and Prisma Media were just a few of the premium media companies to incorporate automated video into their digital video strategy, using the Wibbitz Control Room to create engaging videos for their social media channels, apps, and websites. And we’ve also seen amazing results with partners of all sizes, with stand-out numbers from mid-sized political publishers ReverbPress and National Review leading up to the US Election.

More automated video creation capabilities

Our research & development team worked hard to expand our Control Room platform’s automated video creation capabilities for list and captions videos. We launched hundreds of new features and two major products: our Creative Kit and Widget Video Players. The Creative Kit introduced a new set of customization tools for editors to add their personal touch to each video, and the Widget Video players made video distribution and monetization easier and more effective for any size publisher.

Reports & resources for digital publishing

The Wibbitz Research Hub launched three reports throughout the year to reveal how digital audiences are getting their news, responding to video ads, and adapting to new media technologies. These reports have shed light on the biggest issues and trends considered by publishing professionals, and were covered by Adweek, The Drum, MediaPost.

Wibbitz Team/Family Growth

Wibbitz has a wonderfully unique and close company culture, and we’ve been lucky enough to develop that culture even more in 2016 by growing our team by 35%. The New York City headquarters team tripled in size, while our Tel Aviv team brought on amazing new developers, editors, and designers. Our ambitions aren’t stopping in the U.S.. We’ve developed strong partnerships with major European publishers including Le Parisien and TF1, and the Wibbitz team is excited for what’s to come on the international horizon in 2017.

Zohar Dayan