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4 creative ways to use LinkedIn for lead generation

By Katherine Salsgiver | Nov 22, 2019


If you’re in content marketing, you likely understand the importance of utilizing LinkedIn in your team’s marketing strategy. After all, according to ZoomInfo, “over 80% of leads generated from social media come from LinkedIn”, making it the most important social channel for many B2B companies.

With this in mind, building an effective LinkedIn lead generation strategy should be a top priority for content marketing teams hoping to both grow and sustain their sales funnel. Here are four ways to utilize LinkedIn for lead generation.

Sponsor your powerhouse content

Have an especially exciting piece of news or content to share with your followers? Make it a sponsored update! With so many companies on LinkedIn these days, it can be hard to make sure that your content not only stands out against the crowd, but actually gets in front of the right people. With Sponsored Updates, companies can now ensure that their content is reaching leads that match a variety of criteria, including:

  • Company Type
  • Industry
  • Job Function and Seniority
  • Specific Skills

The ability to fine-tune this set of criteria provides marketing teams with more than just the means to get in front of more potential leads — it gives teams the opportunity to curate content that accurately speaks to a specific demographic and touch on particular pain points that your company can relieve with its offerings. This means that not only will your content be seen by the leads that count, but that content can now be shaped to best resonate with them.

Incorporate video into your posts

It’s no secret that video content is king, especially on social platforms like LinkedIn. According to Hootsuite, videos on LinkedIn receive an average of “three times the engagement of text posts” and are “five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among LinkedIn members.” This boost in engagement does wonders for brand awareness and click rates, making video the most effective way to skyrocket your team’s LinkedIn lead generation.

With those stats in mind, it’s no wonder that teams like BNP Paribas utilize video in their LinkedIn marketing strategy. Their approach is simple: promote their blog with quick, concise video summaries, much like the post below. The video accompanying the post, which highlights a recent blog Europe’s newest coworking market trends, is quick and concise, driving home the key points of the article. In addition, their use of colorful video assets instantly catch the eye, stopping leads in their tracks as they scroll.

Pro tip: While LinkedIn may support a maximum video length of 10 minutes, short-form content (around 1 minute) is ideal for the platform. Need help building a solid social video strategy for your team? Check out our guide!

Make your content interactive

Video isn’t the only type of content making waves on LinkedIn. Interactive content, which requires participation by an audience, has become an increasingly important aspect of many marketers’ content strategies. By its nature, interactive content is attention-grabbing and helps develop a stronger connection between lead and marketer compared to more passive forms of content. Interactive content is highly valuable for LinkedIn lead generation in particular, as it increases the amount of data captured by posts, all while providing leads with valuable takeaways that further establish trust between both parties.

A great example of interactive content can be found in Wibbitz’s recent quiz, ‘What’s your marketing team’s personality type?’. The quiz, aimed at marketers, walks leads through questions regarding their team’s structure and priorities. Once a lead provides some basic contact information, they are sent a shareable video describing their team’s personality as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

The lighthearted tone of the quiz makes filling out questions a breeze and the video is a great piece of content that can be shared with the rest of their team. With content like this, marketers get much more than just contact information — they can better understand the needs, motivations, and pain points of their leads, which will help them curate more enticing content for future lead generation.

Leverage your biggest advocates

As explored in our recent post on employee advocacy, internal teams are huge assets to marketers who want to spread the word about their brand. Given that the average LinkedIn user has around 400 connections, it’s no wonder that creating highly-shareable content for employees can make a major impact on your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Take the following post from Covestro as an example. In the post, Covestro congratulates their team and RWTH Aachen University for reaching the final round of the 2019 German President’s Prize, also detailing the impact that their innovative process will make to multiple industries. By highlighting the hard work done by their team and the potential influence of their work, employees are more inclined to share the post.

To make the most of the employee advocacy effect, be sure to encourage your team to like and share! In doing so, posts are much more likely to funnel to the top of your existing followers’ feeds and spread into each of your employee’s personal networks, and will ultimately reach a wider group of potential leads.

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