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Introducing Lightbox: A customizable video creation API for any website or app

Jun 12, 2019


The democratization of video creation has always been a mission of ours, and we’ve been proud to lead the movement since we first introduced the Wibbitz platform into the world’s leading newsrooms. Today, we’re excited to introduce the latest expansion of the Wibbitz product line with Lightbox – an automated video creation API built to give the power of video to users of the world’s leading products, websites, and apps. You can read the full press release here.

Lightbox brings a seamless video production experience to any website or application, with professional templates and easy editing tools that fit in natively with your existing UX. It can be implemented within an unlimited number of environments including:

  • Product Pages: E-Commerce, Consumer Marketplace, Auto
  • Profile Pages: Dating Websites and Apps, Service and Freelance Networks
  • Listing & Directory: Food & Hospitality, Travel, Real Estate
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Video Advertising Platforms

See how Lightbox can work for your users

Leading media conglomerate TF1 recently added Lightbox into their media buying platform, La Box Entreprises. With the powerful Wibbitz video technology now integrated into their ad campaign workflow, advertisers are able to quickly and easily create videos ads, then distribute them across TF1’s media properties – all in one place.

“With La Box Entreprises, we offer small and medium-sized advertisers an efficient and turnkey solution. In order to simplify the process and guarantee them all the necessary tools to quickly create their first video campaign, we needed a very complete platform. By allowing these new advertisers to produce their own video ad spots directly within our platform, we offer them a complete and unique experience that meets their needs in terms of support and performance.”
– Julien Boyreau, AdTech Director at Le Groupe TF1

Here’s a quick look at how Lightbox has been added into La Box’s user interface, where advertisers can choose their ad settings and create a video in a few simple steps:

Lightbox automated video creation interface API - TF1 La Box

Lightbox automated video creation interface API - TF1 La Box


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