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Introducing the Wibbitz Creative Kit: Customization Tools Built to Enhance Automated Video Creation

By Yotam Cohen | Jun 30, 2016


As the creators of the award-winning AlphaGo bot can attest to, building automation technology to imitate a human’s decision process is an art in itself. Algorithms can be taught to follow an extensive set of combinations, but only a “human touch” can transform an end product into the champion of Go – or, in our case, a storytelling vessel that fellow humans will connect with. Yaron Bloch, our Head of Product, explains it best:

“Automation can get you 80% of the way, but it’s the human touch of our talented partners that will carry out the remaining 20% to produce an outstanding video.”

That’s why after building our platform’s capabilities based on top publishers’ feedback, we’re excited to launch the latest set of features to our Control Room platform: the Wibbitz Creative Kit. This new suite of customization tools was built into the existing automated platform in order to give publishers more creative control over their video content. You can find the full press release here.
The tools that make up the Wibbitz Creative Kit put the power of automation in the hands of our partners, so they can take their automatically created videos to a point that will connect audiences to their brand at a massive scale. Neal Coolong, Senior Editor of NFL sites at USA Today Sports Digital Media, has seen firsthand how the combination of automation and customization within our platform makes Wibbitz such a powerful digital video solution for publishers:

“The customization tools that Wibbitz has added to its platform are extremely important to our team and their ability to tell a story in a different way using video. Automation makes it possible for us to consistently produce a large scale of video, but it’s the creative tools that allow us to make our videos unique and cut through the noise. Each new customization feature has lead us to try new variations and formats for the videos we create with Wibbitz, and we’re looking forward to what’s to come in the future.”

Check out some of the Wibbitz Creative Kit’s video editing and enhancement tools that have already inspired brands like USA Today Sports Digital Properties, Bonnier, and Hearst to increase weekly Wibbitz video creation by over 30

Wibbitz & Custom Partner Themes
Wibbitz Video Themes are packaged design and graphics elements that automatically add animations, transitions, and effects within a video. Publishers can select the Theme that best fits each video, and the platform will automatically edit the design and graphics accordingly. We’ve also started to experiment with Custom Theme creation for our key partners – stay tuned!

Branded Graphics Colors

While our platform automatically includes a brand’s logo and coloring within their videos, our new custom options allow publishers to have more visual flexibility. Now each video can feature a different color according to user preference, or according to a specific series or topic set within a user’s video library.

Advanced Media, Sound, & Text Overlay Editing

Our new editing capabilities now provide a vast selection of animation options for media, sound, and text overlays. Users can add social media posts to videos, change soundbite volume, and adjust text overlay alignment with a simple click, and emphasize the most important elements of their video’s story by highlighting keywords and trimming video footage.

Yotam Cohen