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Interviewing at Wibbitz? Here’s what to expect

May 16, 2018


Our team is in hyper-growth mode, and we want to make sure every person looking to join has a great experience throughout the entire interview process. In their guest post, Gabby and Noga from our People Operations team explain everything that goes into the recruitment process at Wibbitz, and how we build connections that are meant to last.

Here at Wibbitz we take a lot of pride in our amazing culture. Every single person who joins us is continuing to grow that culture of hard-working, innovating and amazing problem solvers! Being part of this team allows you to make a huge impact, which is why we take recruiting seriously.

Our number one goal is to make sure everyone we speak with can look back on the whole recruiting experience with a positive outlook. Which is tough — we know that interviewing can be time-consuming and stressful. We just don’t want you to have that type of experience with us. When you come into our office we want you to be able to fully communicate your talent and discuss your hopes for your future. We are here to listen and learn from you, and we value all feedback from the people we meet. An interview at Wibbitz is not just an average interview. We want the time we spend with you — from the first phone call to our final in-person — to establish a real connection for now and the future!

Not just an interview

We love being able to listen to your proudest accomplishments and experiences, but we also want you to have an opportunity to show them off. After the phone interview stage, every team and every role has a customized project that you’ll be asked to complete. We’ve found the project stage to be really helpful for not just our team’s decision making, but also for yours, as it gives you more insight into what to expect from a role. From there, we make sure that you will have face time with not just your hiring managers, but any other people your role would interact with, so you can really get a full picture of the Wibbitz working environment.

Of course, it’s always possible that not everything aligns and that particular role you’re interviewing for doesn’t work out — but we don’t want things to end there! We want to provide a place for you to reach your own professional goals, and are always growing and adding more positions that you may be better fit for in the future. Once you establish a connection with us, you’re always connected — and that becomes our top priority as new positions become available.

Your time is precious

Your time is as important to us as it is to you — so we do everything we can to ensure your entire interview process will be comprehensive and professional, effective and concise. So how do we do that? We are flexible in terms of days and hours. We’re happy to have you come in at any time, from the early morning hours to the late evening hours, with the understanding that the edges of the day are the most convenient time for working people. Each recruitment process will not include more then 3 on-site interviews. We always make sure to provide next steps or the final decision within a few days of the interview, and we’re always in constant contact with you throughout the process. There is no one busy in this world, it’s all about priorities — and from the moment we set up an interview with you, you are our priority.

Your opinion always matters

Your opinion matters and is very important to us, so we will always ask that you fill out a survey with your honest feedback at the end of the recruitment process. We want to know if you found the overall process to be a positive experience, if your interviews were professional and time efficient, if you felt you had the opportunity to fully demonstrate your skills, and if you would recommend Wibbitz to others. We’re also happy to hear any recommendations you may have that can help us improve our recruitment process for the future.

Our entire interview process is based on the information we receive from all our interviewees — so anything you can share is extremely valuable. We listen to your feedback, learn from it and improve our processes. We believe that this is the right way to recruit — by putting people first.

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