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Infographic: 2017 Video Publishing Cheatsheet

By Li Zhao | Feb 2, 2017


Publishers no longer see video as a benchwarmer in their competition for online eyeballs, but a key piece of their editorial strategy to survive and thrive in today’s digital landscape. eMarketer predicts that more than 62% of the world’s internet users will watch digital video in 2017, and top-tier publishers like Time Inc., USA TODAY Sports, and Bonnier have solidified their spot in front of audiences with the help of Wibbitz’s automated video solution.

Whether you are a video publishing veteran or just starting to map out a video strategy in 2017, it’s important to understand what works best in terms of video distribution and editorial coverage, so you can derive as much value as possible from your video efforts. So we analyzed data from over 300 of our publishing partners’ video performance in 2016, and noticed some interesting trends about when and where these videos gained the most traction from viewers. We compiled these findings into our latest publisher report, Winning Strategies For Digital Video. Want a TL;DR version? The infographic below breaks down some of our report’s biggest value points that will help guide your multiplatform video strategy to success.


Li Zhao