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How Two Different Video Teams Have Implemented Wibbitz Into Their Daily Workflow

By Elle Merritt | Oct 3, 2017


Over the last few years, publishers and marketers all over the world have been adjusting their workflows in order to answer to the new way audiences are consuming information. These digital storytellers have identified that they need to make their stories more shareable in order to have an impact, and they’ve discovered that video is a key ingredient to getting that exposure.

Many leading brands have incorporated Wibbitz into their daily workflow to simplify the video production process and quickly produce short-form videos at scale. With the Wibbitz platform at hand, each of our partners have figured out their own unique way to accelerate video production and create new strategies that have undoubtedly improved their productivity. We got a chance to sit down with two of our star partners who may be drastically different in terms of scope, but have both perfected their ability to crank out videos every day with the help of Wibbitz.



TV Guide

“Each month, we develop about 10-15 evergreen video concepts per high-engaged TV shows on social that our social media producers work on throughout the month. In addition to constantly creating evergreen content, our social producers are also focusing on trending stories related to those TV shows. The team will immediately go ahead and create a video, starting with the text and adding in relevant media based on the slide. Sometimes we will check out the Wibbitz Top Stories to see if there’s anything we can quickly rebrand, edit to our liking and publish to ensure timeliness.”

– Gina Mascia, Sr. Manager of Audience Development, Growth & Engagement at TV Guide

Check out this video of TV Guide taking advantage of our “Fame” theme and incorporating social posts and vibrant colors to make an impact:

And in this video, TV Guide’s team created a character mashup with our Meme-styled text overlay to capture the audiences of both fan-favorite universes: Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.

Le Figaro

“We have implemented Wibbitz into our strategy by setting a goal of 9 daily videos. We typically create 4 original videos and reband 5 Wibbitz Top Stories each day – so we produce around 100 videos per month on average. Every morning, our video editors will check AFP, Reuters, Twitter and Wibbitz Top Stories to figure out what is trending and what we should cover that day. We typically create a Wibbitz video when we realize we don’t have the relevant media internally to produce a video in the traditional sense. Wibbitz has a giant inventory of media that allows us to quickly search for relevant media and easily add it to our videos. We also have our team review Top Stories so we can easily rebrand and edit trending videos. We typically utilize the French Top Stories but also rebrand U.S. Top Stories because we can easily translate it in French and post it to our site before any other French publishers. Most recently, we have taken advantage of the “Duplicate” button so we can create videos in the Square format and share them to Facebook. It’s a very easy and valuable way to adapt our videos for different environments.”

 – Brune Daudre, Deputy Chief of the Video Service

Here’s an example of a Wibbitz Top Story that Le Figaro quickly rebranded and translated so they could post it on their site before any competitor…

And here is an example of a video their team created from scratch! Take note of how they incorporated social posts and premium video assets to keep their viewers engaged.

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Elle Merritt