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Do you know how to use IGTV? Here’s everything you need to get started

By Bobby Godas | Jun 25, 2018


Instagram has entered the world of long-form content with the introduction of their new standalone app, IGTV, where creators can produce vertical videos in 4K for up to 1 hour. With the debut of longer-form video in the vertical format, IGTV is opening the door for amateur creators, marketers and influencers to reach new audiences and establish stronger relationships… especially for those that can quickly learn how to use IGTV to its fullest potential.

Instagram gave us some insights along with the IGTV launch stating, “these days, people are watching less TV and more digital video. By 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic.” Even though there are no monetization options for creators at the moment, CEO Kevin Systrom says, “that’s obviously a very reasonable place to end up. There will be a way for creators to make a living.” Here’s what you need to know about how to use IGTV so you can begin to grow your engagement and get ahead of your content strategy with this new video storytelling tool.

IGTV video specifics:

Video Type: MP4
Length: Up to 10 minutes for most users, and an hour for certain accounts with more followers.
Aspect Ratio: Minimum – 4:5 Maximum – 9:16
File Size: Maximum for 10 minutes of video – 650MB. Maximum for 60 minutes video – 5.4GB

How to create your IGTV channel:

– In the IGTV app, tap on settings to head over to your profile. Here, tap on ‘Create Channel.’
– IGTV will walk you through the basics of IGTV video. Simply tap ‘Next’ and then tap on ‘Create Channel.’
– That’s it. Your channel on IGTV has been created with your default Instagram handle.

How to upload videos on IGTV from mobile:

– Tap on the profile icon to see your channel. You can either click on the ‘Plus’ sign on top-right corner or click on ‘Upload Video’.
– Edit the cover image, add a title, and fill out details about your video.

How to upload videos on IGTV from desktop:

– Click on your profile
– ‘IGTV’ is centered above your grid. Click it and you will get an option to upload your video
– Upload your video, choose a cover image, add title and description, and try linking your content to your Facebook page.

Written by
Bobby Godas, Content and Social Media Marketer at Wibbitz
Bobby Godas

Content & Social Media Marketer at Wibbitz

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