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How to use GIFs to give your video some personality

By Sam Valorose | Jul 16, 2018


GIFs are the language of the internet. Through their 31 years of existence, these tiny files have completely transformed how we communicate with each other. While the tone of a message may get muddled through text, a two second GIF can immediately get your point across – sarcasm included. Completely baffled by what someone said? Use the “white guy blinking” GIF. Overjoyed at weekend plans your co-worker just proposed? Shoot them the “Excited Jonah Hill” GIF.

As our attention spans decrease, the necessity to get a message across in the shortest amount of time is of utter importance. In the world of video, the rules are no different. Using the Wibbitz platform, you can add your own specific editorial voice and personality to your next video creation with GIFs.

Wibbitz provides you with an entire search engine solely dedicated to GIFs. In your hunt for media, simply change the media type to GIFs in the dropdown menu. You can then craft your search based around broad terms, such as moods or emotion, or get as specific as you’d like. You can also upload your own GIFs to the platform – and with sites like, that allow you to create and download your own GIFs, the possibilities are truly endless.

When it comes to Wibbitz video creation, GIFs serve two vital purposes – editorial voice and supplemental footage. Want to express how excited you are about Beyonce and JAY-Z’s new surprise album? Find the perfect GIF that matches your publication’s personality. Having trouble finding that perfect clip when creating a video about the new season of Handmaid’s Tale? It’s waiting right there for you in the GIF library.

Crafting an entire video around GIFs can expand your creative horizons, as well. In our Top Story, 8 Creative Burnout Symptoms and How to Fix Them, we used a mix of stock footage and GIFs to ramp up the production quality and make the subject more lighthearted and fun.

We used plenty of GIFs in our Top Story, Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian Confirmed for ‘Star Wars Episode IX’. Instead of taking the time and risk of using footage from the Star Wars films, GIFs of Lando were a perfect replacement.

We offer an array of videos in our Top Stories section that you can easily edit and rebrand. It’s incredibly easy to add GIFs of your own to add your organization’s own flair and personality. GIFs are simple, effective, and proven way to build your own editorial brand and connect with your audience.


Written by:
Sam Valorose

Video Producer at Wibbitz

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