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How to Quickly Turn A Business News Story Into A Video Everyone Wants to Watch

By Kyle Basedow | Sep 19, 2017


Wibbitz’s in-house editorial team creates daily Top Story news videos using our text-to-video Control Room platform. In his guest post, Wibbitz Editor Kyle walks us through the process of transforming a jargon-heavy business news story into a digestible and “like”-able social video.

Many business news stories tend to use terminology and phrasing that executives and investors may understand, but that the average user on social media may struggle with. What business and tech publishers have to realize (and many are) is that the information they’re presenting is just as beneficial for social audiences outside of the white collar demographic – especially millennials and other young audiences that are becoming increasingly interested in personal finance and leveraging easy investment apps like Robinhood and Acorns. It’s important that business publishers package their stories into entertaining and digestible videos that everyone can easily understand, without getting bogged down with heavy business jargon.

When our star business news partner TheStreet realized that the videos they published on social media were reaching new secondary audiences outside their target deal-maker demographic, they decided to ramp up their social video strategy by creating lighter video content around their heavier news stories. These videos presented them with an  opportunity to reach and build loyalty with younger audiences, and give them more incentive to turn to TheStreet for business news in the future – when many will be running businesses of their own. Here is an example of one of their videos that they created in the Wibbitz platform specifically for Facebook.

Cool, right? Now here are some easy steps you can follow to turn your average business or tech story into a video that everyone on social media will like.

First things first, let’s show you an example of a plain-old business news video.

Now this video isn’t necessarily bad. It’s very informative and covers just about everything an investor would need to know about Slack. However, it was very bland and bombarded with too many words. That brings us to our first point:

STEP 1: Give your video’s text a KISS (Keep It Simple Silly)

See how much text is in this scene? There’s a lot going on and it hasn’t even scrolled yet. You want to keep your audience engaged with the video – so using this much text this early is an easy way to lose them. When writing your copy, try to really decide what information is necessary and what information will slow the video down. Try shortening it up and making it less-structured and more free flowing. Eliminate any jargon you can and use words that everyone knows. Include, don’t exclude!

STEP 2: Don’t tell when you can show

See how basic and boring the image in this scene is? The text even covers up half Stewart Butterfield’s face. Instead, let’s replace this with a video clip of money being counted to add a little more flair. One sure fire way to spice up your video and make sure people are engaged is to use images AND video. If you use just images, it just looks like a fancy slideshow – so make sure to video footage as much as you can. If media ever gets had to find, try using stock media (we use both Pond5 and Getty).

STEP 3: Make your video shine

Now it’s time to polish off your video. You’ve changed the text and you’ve put it in more videos but that isn’t enough. You have to make the video pop and draw in users from the get go. The font and transitions used here aren’t bad, but they’re a little blaise for the topic at hand, which isn’t what you want from your video. Try to use fun, flashy transitions, cool fonts, and an upbeat soundtrack to make the information you’re presenting seem a little more lively. You should also use videos in the first scene so the viewer will be drawn in and more engaged as the video plays.

And voila! By following the above steps, we’ve transformed a jargon-heavy business news video into a social-ready masterpiece:

Pretty good, right? Next time you want to make a business or tech video, just follow the three steps outlined above and your video will be a step above the rest.

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Kyle Basedow