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How to Multiply Your Traffic from Social Media

By Yaron Bloch | Mar 28, 2017


In a recent experiment, we tested out what will drive our audience to click more on an article. We created two Facebook posts: one with an image and a link to the article, and a second with the same link and a 10-second-long video teaser (Snippet) instead. The results were outstanding. The post with the video story generated 16 times more clicks, which in turn generated 16 times more traffic to our site.

Video stories, or Snippets, are 10-second-long teasers which have become the trendiest media format in the industry. These video stories first conquered Snapchat before taking over Instagram and Facebook. So how do you implement these Snippets to bring more traffic to your site? It’s pretty easy:

  1. Create a great 10-second video story.
  2. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Stories – or if you’re lucky, Snapchat Discover.
  3. Then add the article link to your social media post. You can do that by simply pasting the URL or adding a hyperlink to “Read More.”
 Now, how do you create great video stories that engage with your audience? Follow these 9 rules:

1. Emotion

Capture the emotion that best resonates with your narrative, emphasizing it in your 10 second Snippet. Use this as your guideline for every decision in the creative process.

2. Media

Choosing the right media could make a big difference. Look for unique assets that tell your story and reflect the appropriate emotion. Try to mix video with still images in each directive.

3. Title

Keep it simple but compelling. Draw your audience in with an attention-grabbing headline; don’t be afraid to be bold, but don’t over share. Usually our brain is intrigued by “science says…,” new data, strong opinion or heart warmers (Prof. Y. Yovell).

4. Soundtrack

Choosing the right soundtrack can help enhance emotions and turn nice video into a masterpiece. Don’t take this step lightly.

5. Graphics, color and animation

Use your brand’s language, but don’t be monotonous. Play around with different themes according to the genre of your video — make it fun to watch!

6. Timing is everything

Your video story should be posted five minutes after your article goes live in order make the greatest impact on your traffic. Traditional methods might not be scalable enough. The trick is to act fast, while keeping costs low.

7. Call to action

Direct users to your website. Add a direct link to your social media post or hyperlink “Read More.” You might consider to add the full video to your article so it will engage and monetize better.

8. Format and type

Play around with the story formats. Along with the standard stories, experiment with different formats like quiz, versus, etc.

9. Keep it real

Don’t deceive your audience. Clickbait videos will result in the opposite reaction to your brand.

Experiment with these rules, but don’t limit yourself to them. Share your best practices and enjoy creating great video stories!

Yaron Bloch