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How to make a short motivational video that can uplift Monday blues

By Justen Haynes | Nov 5, 2018


Kickstarting your video creation process at the beginning of the week can be tasking when you have the “Monday blues.” Hop on the trending social hashtag #MondayMotivation and make a short motivational video to inspire your audience through video. Here are 5 easy ways to craft an inspiring short-form video that viewers will want to engage with and share all over.

1. Turn an inspirational quote into a visual story

As part of our Top Stories offering, the Wibbitz editorial team creates ‘Quote of the Day’ videos to highlight anecdotes and inspirational sayings from notable public figures and icons. While the quote below may come from the one and only Duchess of Sussex, subjects of these videos don’t have to be superstars — include a positive message from your company’s CEO, or encouraging words from a leader in your workplace.

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2. Repackage viral, feel-good stories with your own commentary

There are always stories in the news that highlight miracle moments or spectacular events that restore our faith in humanity. These videos blow up on social media because they remind us about the good that can come out of society. Snippets of viral videos, like in this Top Story video are also a quick way to grab an audience’s attention and generate tons of views.

3. Provide actionable solutions for common issues

The philanthropist and life coach Tony Robbins really knows how to make a short motivational video that makes a big impact. In this example created in the Wibbitz platform, Robbins focuses on helping viewers reach a positive state of mind by using upbeat creative stock footage and hopeful language. The video ends with a call to action, inciting viewers to reset their “mind and mood.”

4. Show first-hand proof how dreams can become reality

A leader in the shared workspace industry, WeWork’s inspirational videos push the idea to “follow your dreams.” In this example, audiences get the full scope of the ambitious journey it takes to see a company into fruition and the power of bringing people together.

5. Give step-by-step tips for reaching goals

Lists are easy ways to throw together a series of ideas on any subject. You can use this format to make hundreds of short motivational videos from 5 Ways to Change Your Diet to 7 Ways to Meditate. Mayo Clinic comprised a list of 7 Ways to Create a New Habit to empower audiences to change up their lifestyle for the better.

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Written by
Justen Haynes

Video Producer at Wibbitz

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