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How to network on LinkedIn with video to build your brand presence

By Erik Mathes | Oct 8, 2019


If you’re looking to build your brand presence, whether for your company or yourself, learning how to network on LinkedIn with video should be your foremost priority. Video has the power to boost your marketing metrics across the board, especially when used strategically on social media.

With more than 645 million members spread over 200 countries and regions worldwide, LinkedIn is the primary place to connect with like-minded professionals who can help you expand your business in unimaginable ways. The key is knowing how to make a video for LinkedIn that will create a connection with people fast, so you can establish trust and authority while setting a clear call-to-action for your audience.

To give you inspiration to get started, here are some tips on how to make a video for LinkedIn that will help your business grow in a variety of ways.

Boost LinkedIn engagement by showing (and tagging) your clients

If the message is positive, people and companies will love seeing their names mentioned in your LinkedIn posts. With that in mind, you can share videos showing your customers using your product effectively, as we did in the video below, produced by Travelink, American Express Travel with the Wibbitz video creation platform. By showing a video one of our clients created with our product, we were able to effectively promote both of us at the same time.

We also included a clear call-to-action for viewers who want to learn more about making their own engaging videos, and we tagged Travelink, American Express Travel so their social media team would be alerted about being mentioned in our post. As a result, they saw the post and decided to share it, along with a strong endorsement of our product. This kind of engagement can boost brand awareness and trust exponentially.

Recruit new talent on LinkedIn by posting job opening videos

Another best practice for how to network on LinkedIn is to post company recruitment videos, like Leyton CMO, Caroline Villecroze, did in the video below created with Wibbitz. Speaking in French, Caroline describes the different open positions and candidate profiles her company is looking to fill.

In the caption accompanying the video, Caroline also puts out a request for her post to be shared with viewers’ best marketing contacts to help spread the word about opportunities at Leyton.

Showcase individual success stories through LinkedIn videos

When considering how to make a video for LinkedIn that will resonate, consider the individual successes that your product or service has helped drive. If you have happy customers, chances are they’d be willing to appear in videos to provide testimonials and insights about the efficacy of your offering by sharing their stories.

Marketing leader Seth Godin’s altMBA does just that in the video below, showcasing one individual’s experience going through the intensive, four-week program. In the caption, urgency is established (mentioning the first priority deadline for applying) before finishing with a clear call-to-action.

Provide value to LinkedIn video viewers by sharing tips

Perhaps the most important thing when considering how to make a video for LinkedIn is what’s in it for viewers. When you help people with your LinkedIn video content, people will keep coming back for more. That’s why providing serious value in your LinkedIn videos is one of the fastest ways to win trust and endearment from fellow professionals – and gain new followers and connections as a result.

Neil Patel Brasil (NPBR), the Brazilian wing of marketing icon Neil Patel’s digital agency, does a superb job of offering generous insights by translating videos of Neil providing his extraordinary expertise into Portuguese, winning trust with Brazilian business leaders by showcasing authority and expertise. NPBR executives also record their own videos in Portuguese and regularly post them to LinkedIn so they can build their personal networks and potential clients can see other faces of the agency.

Highlight what you stand for and believe in with videos on LinkedIn

If you’re wondering how to network on LinkedIn and truly connect with video viewers, the key is to get personal by highlighting what you (or your company) stand for. Whether it’s a cause you believe in, an issue you’re passionate about resolving, or a story about something or someone you support, these are the types of messages that will reverberate and stick with like-minded people.

Law practice Shearman and Sterling LLP used the Wibbitz platform to create this video showing their celebration of Pride Month and participation in NYC Pride Week by volunteering at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center’s “2019 Garden Party: A Taste of Pride.” Individual employees speak out on celebrating Pride Month and what it means to them, and partners discuss how the firm is committed to standing for equal rights for LGBTQIA individuals. This helps viewers understand and connect with the human side of the firm, differentiating their image from the competition.

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