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How to Create Goal-Worthy Lifestyle Video Content

By (Andie Lowenstein) | Jul 20, 2017


Wibbitz’s in-house editorial team creates daily Top Story news videos using our text-to-video Control Room platform. In her guest post, our Editorial Director Andie gives us her best practices on creating lifestyle video content that inspires & motivates audiences to live their best life.


In today’s converged media world, consumers are calling the shots. They’re looking for more than just a product or service – they want content that they can learn from and will help them develop on a personal level. That is why lifestyle content is rising in popularity as of late – and video is the best way to share it. Because in order to teach audiences how to make improvements and live their best lives, it’s better to show and not just tell.

Visuals, especially in video, have the unique ability to evoke emotion, stimulate interest and drive action. This is where your media choices make or break your content – you can tell people how to live a better life, but visuals will help them remember your key takeaways and picture themselves taking action. We recently partnered with Pond5, the leading online marketplace for royalty-free stock footage and media assets, to give our lifestyle publishers the power to bring their content to life.

The most important rule of lifestyle content is to appeal to the personality of your target audience. What are the unique problems they face on a daily basis? What are their hobbies and interests outside of work? How can you prove to your audience that you understand them to the core? If you’re able to create content that’s relatable and displays a true understanding of someone’s life experiences, they’re more likely to share that content with others because it represents who they are. Here are the three most important things to keep in mind when creating videos around lifestyle content:

1. Create good vibes

Once you give yourself an expert title in the lifestyle space, it’s only natural that an audience will look to you for top notch advice, tips and tricks to become the best version of themselves. Making life changes can be scary, so you want to give your audience the most positive experience possible! Videos are a great way to portray your content in a fun manner. Part of this means using upbeat soundtracks, fun transitions and vibrant media. When choosing media, video clips should be used more than images as they create a more humanized and energetic experience.

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2. Keep it real

The most important aspect anyone looks for in a lifestyle guide is the human aspect – they want someone they can relate to. Talk to your audience as if they’re a close friend coming to you for advice. The most successful and popular Instagram and YouTube influencers are down-to-earth personalities facing real life challenges. Through trial and error or maybe through chance, they made a change in their lives, found it to be successful, and want to share their success stories with others. Give your audience actionable solutions to takeaway and try for themselves.

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3. Stick to lists

A large number of millennials tend to recieve content passively and incidentally. There’s a sizeable percentage of web users that leave a webpage without even scrolling. Because of this, listicles are a great (if not the best) way to present lifestyle content, ensuring there’s no time-consuming reading ahead. And of course, there’s never just one method of improvement that works for everyone. You want to give your audience numerous options to try out until they determine what works best for them.

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