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Forbes partners with Wibbitz to supplement contributed content with automated video

Apr 20, 2017


Automation has been revolutionizing the publishing and media industry as of late by providing new tools and solutions to better meet users’ consumption habits. Forbes, a global media company focused on business, technology and entrepreneurship, has set a prime example for future-minded publishers by proactively seeking out and adapting to new technologies and methods for digital storytelling. We’re thrilled to announce that Forbes has selected Wibbitz to supplement their existing digital content with videos created from our automated platform. You can find the full press release here.

Forbes is built on a contributor model, and commissions a curated network of writers and reporters to publish articles directly to their website. With limited in-house resources, the publisher was finding it difficult to add video to these article pages, which they understood to be essential for maximizing traffic, engagement and revenue opportunities. Since partnering with Wibbitz, each of Forbes’ contributors were given access to our intuitive platform, where they can quickly create and publish videos to their article pages that align with Forbes’ style and quality standards – regardless of whether they have video editing experience.

Creating premium video offerings is necessarily resource intensive, thus the text story to video ratio for most digital publishers is far from 1:1. The Wibbitz platform provides a way for great text stories to travel further in the video format than they would in print alone.”
– Kyle Kramer, VP Video at Forbes

Forbes is also leveraging the Wibbitz platform to create mini video series that cover lifestyle, technology, leadership, and business. These videos are recommended to readers within pages of relevant articles in order to incentivize further engagement and time spent on site. Check out this video created for #IfIOnlyKnew, a mini video series that provides career-related advice:

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