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6 hip-to-be-square ways to create Facebook square videos

Aug 22, 2019


If you’re a Facebook video creator, you need to get up to speed on square videos. Not only is it the best possible Facebook video format, it’s also really easy to make, even if your existing footage or content isn’t already optimized for it. With the right tools and a few real world examples (like the ones featured below), you can maximize your Facebook square video.

Why square videos are the perfect Facebook video format

First of all, Facebook square video is an engagement goldmine.

Because square videos are optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing, they end up occupying 78% more of your audiences’ screens. Which makes it more attention grabbing and easier to watch than landscape videos, which often require turning the device on its side to get the full effect.

This also explains why Facebook square videos have 30-35% more views than landscape ones. The easier it is to watch, the more likely they are to watch it.

But you aren’t limited to just filming square videos. Tools like Wibbitz help users easily duplicate and reformat existing video content into either landscape, square, or vertical formats. So you can share your story across every social media site while still aligning with each platform’s requirements and best practices.

If you want to get the most out of your Facebook square video, follow in the footsteps of these highly successful posts – all made in the Wibbitz platform’s Facebook video creator.

6 square video examples you can learn from

1. Color text

When you’re communicating complex or layered information, emphasizing certain words through color is a smart move, especially for Facebook square video. In this example from ComingSoon by Mandatory, they were able to highlight certain key points through contrasting colors in their text. So even the most casual observer could walk away with the main message.

2. Sound off

While Hubspot did choose to add some great background music to this one, they created a Facebook square video that gets the point across and is fun to watch even without sound. Facebook’s automatic settings require users to manually turn sound on for desktop and mobile videos. And even if they turn this feature off, mobile users will still have to adjust again if their phones are on silent. So creating a full and complete video that can be enjoyed with the sound entirely off is a smart move by Hubspot.

3. Highlight quotes

Quotes are great for branded content because they bring in industry experts and trendsetters who are then aligned with your brand in the minds of your audience. And as you can see from this video by Mashable, they kept the text interesting by using a quote box, italicized font, and contrasting movement to further engage viewers. Without it, the video may have become too text heavy and hard to keep up with, which is why the styling of this video is so great.

Also, given the subject matter, adding in Twitter quotes and celebrity hot takes was a smart move. Not only did it add greater depth to the discussion but it was also highly entertaining.

4. Simplify CTAs

B2B Facebook square videos need to present an idea or issue, explain why it’s important, and deliver a solution in the form of a single CTA. And that’s exactly what AACSB International accomplished in this video. Notice how every line of information shared at the beginning and middle of the video drove the narrative forward to support their conclusion? Because they laid a solid groundwork from the top, their single line CTA is incredibly effective.

5. Text only

According to this study, text-only videos receive almost double the amount of video completions than talking head videos on the same topic. This was true for both Facebbok and Twitter. Which is what makes examples like this one from The Vitamin Shoppe are so effective. Because they’re text only (like most school books and other traditional education tools we’ve all grown accustomed to), the information is easier to digest, remember, and apply.

6. Mix media

You can use both photos and clips in your Facebook square video. Just take a look at this successful example from Schneider Truck Driving Jobs. They have a lot of information to share with viewers. And while they overlay text on top of high quality clips for half the video, they keep the focus on key points by combining certain information with pictures instead. It’s easier to read and adds more interest to the video. Plus, because the photos are slowly being zoomed in, they flow well with the rest of the featured clips.