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Why Instagram video is key for B2B marketing strategies

By Erik Mathes | Feb 7, 2019


For any professional looking to reach their goals in today’s digital economy, a solid Instagram video strategy makes all the difference – and has become an essential element in every successful brand. That’s why we decided to start our Explore Instagram series, where we’ll take a deep dive into the various ways you can leverage Instagram to connect with all types of audiences, and benefit any kind of business. Keep your eye out for more posts in this series each month, and make sure to follow the Wibbitz Instagram page for daily inspiration from our team! 


This next post in our Explore Instagram series was written especially for our fellow B2B marketers. We’ll highlight a few major KPIs that Instagram can boost in any B2B social media strategy – and why and how you should make it a priority in yours.

1. Instagram videos are where Gen Z goes for career development

Gen Z is starting to graduate college and join the workforce, with its members having been born between 1996 and 2010. This generation never knew a time without the internet, and tech-savviness is a built-in quality of it members. The majority of Gen Z relies on online video resources to educate themselves, with YouTube and Facebook as the top sources of career development videos, according to our recent report.

And guess what?

According to findings from our latest report, How to reach audiences with social video: From Millennials to Generation Z, Instagram ranks third among Gen Z as the platform most relied on for career development videos, even besting career-geared LinkedIn.

That means that if you can create Instagram marketing strategies that involve producing helpful career advice for recent college grads, you’ll be able to connect better with Gen Z. And if you offer a product or service that these recent graduates can benefit from at work, you’ll become a B2B lead generation master when it comes to Gen Z decision makers at the companies your brand is targeting.

2. Instagram videos boost B2B lead generation through education

One of the most effective ways to get potential customers to better understand your product or service offering is with Instagram video. By creating short, digestible videos showcasing what your B2B product or service does, how to leverage it, and who it’s for, key decision makers at these companies will instantly be able to understand what they’ll gain from it.

B2B marketing strategies must go beyond educating viewers on how their companies will benefit from your product or service by also showing how employees will personally benefit from introducing their company to your offering. That way, your B2B lead generation strategy will create a double incentive for viewers to take action and explore your brand’s offerings.

Just remember that B2B decision makers are people just like you. The way you communicate in B2B social media posts should still be geared toward people, just as B2C content would be. When people hear a voice and/or see colors and images that resonate with them in your B2B social media posts, they’ll better connect with your brand. Check out how we do Instagram at Wibbitz in the video below, where we showcase our video creation software in a clip starring adorable puppy princesses.

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3. Instagram has the highest engagement for B2B social media

According to a report by TrackMaven, Instagram provided the highest average engagement ratio across all industries save for the biotech and financial services sectors when it came to B2B social media success. The same report also found a strong correlation between follower growth and higher audience engagement with B2B social media content. That means that if you’re hoping to connect better with your audience (and what marketer isn’t?), then creating various marketing strategies for Instagram is a necessity.

Which brings us specifically to using video within your Instagram marketing strategy. TrackMaven found that time spent on a post increases engagement rate, which is why video is the best type of content to post. Use strategies to keep viewers’ eight-second attention spans and start infusing your B2B marketing strategies with short Instagram video clips showing your company’s offering in action. And don’t forget to highlight the personality behind your brand and the people who bring it to life.

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