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5 video scripts you can use to quickly promote and recap every event

Sep 25, 2019


Despite the incredible impact of video content, video is still a new medium for most brands, and it can be hard to recognize where and when video can maximize your content efforts. In our experience, repurposing content into video is always the best place to start – so we decided to start a new From Old to Video series, where we’ll show you the many ways to create top-performing videos from existing content.


Organizing events is a stressful task. In fact, Career Cast named Event Coordinator one of the most stressful jobs of 2019. While juggling lengthy to-do lists and maintaining constant contact with everyone from vendors to venues, clients to caterers, it’s no wonder video often gets overlooked as an achievable content resource. But, the truth is, you already have everything you need to create compelling videos for every stage of your event. Keep scrolling for five scripts that will help get you started, then sign up for our webinar to learn more ways to multiply the value of your events with video.

1. To promote your event:

Give the top 5 reasons why someone should attend your event

Scene 1: 5 reasons why you should be at [event title]
Scene 2: Reason 1 [Industry insights]
Scene 3: Reason 2 [Networking]
Scene 4: Reason 3 [Product showcases]
Scene 5: Reason 4 [1:1 Meetings]
Scene 6: Reason 5 [Awards]
Scene 7: Date, time and location of the event
Scene 8: A call-to-action

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2. To promote your event:

Showcase your event speakers or panelists

Scene 1: Event title
Scene 2: State what guests will learn at your event
Scene 3: Announce your speaker
Scene 4: Show off their expertise
Scene 5: Tell your audience how they can join

3. To share during your event:

Highlight a debate topic

Scene 1: Introduce the topic
Scene 2-4: Present the opinions of your panel or guests
Scene 5: Ask your viewer for their opinion
Scene 6: Tell the viewer where they can find information

4. To recap your event:

Quote the experts

Scene 1: Introduce the expert
Scene 2: Disclose the topic or question
Scene 3: Quote [If the quote is long, break it up into multiple scenes.]

5. To recap your event:

Present an inside look of the event experience

Scene 1: Event title
Scene 2-5: Highlight impactful moments
Scene 6: Give a shout out to your guests