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4 dos & don’ts to follow when styling text on video

Jul 30, 2019


We recently published our latest interactive resource, The ultimate guide to text on video, where you can access dozens of free text fonts, text overlay examples, and typography tips that will help you find the best font for your video captions. In this post, we’ve provided a sneak peek into our guide – if you like what you see, make sure to download the full resource for everything you need to create text videos like a pro!

Regardless of which font you choose, the styling and placement of text within a video makes a huge impact on how (and whether) your message is received. It needs to be legible across devices, and used in a way that drives the story forward – and works in tandem with the visuals and sounds that make up the entire visual experience.

To see what we mean, here are some examples of the dos and don’ts you should follow when adding text to each video scene.

1. Copy length

DO: Give people enough time to read your text

DON’T: Feature too much text in a single scene

2. Font size

DO: Use text that is large enough to see on mobile

DON’T: Use text that is too large, or a font that is too busy, to see the media behind it

3. Text placement

DO: Place your text on the opposite side as your media focus point.

DON’T: Change the placement of your text more than once – it can cause a headache!

4. Keyword highlights

DO: Use a different color to highlight keywords or phrases in your text that you want to bring attention to

DON’T: Use more than two different text colors in a single video

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