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How leading brands use our Duplication tool to scale video easily

By Erik Mathes | Sep 4, 2019


Some of the world’s leading brands are starting to scale video online thanks to simple-yet-sophisticated software. These powerful platforms enable entire teams to easily create and edit video, and it doesn’t end there. At the push of a button, you can also duplicate video and reformat video content to publish across different channels and reach new audiences – without shelling out serious cash for a boutique video duplication service.

That means you too can scale video online as competitively as the biggest brands – as long as you know what tools to tap into for maximum impact.

If you’re intrigued by how top brands started to scale video online and you want some inspiration on how you can keep up with their success, you’re in the right place.

Here are a few examples of well-known companies you can emulate by using the Duplicate video feature from Wibbitz to maximize your marketing across the most effective and popular medium.

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Use Duplicate video to simplify sharing content in multiple languages

If you’re going to put effort into creating video content, you should make the most of everything you publish. One way to do so is by using the Duplicate video feature to create the same video in multiple languages.

That way, you’ll maximize existing footage by expanding its reach to new audiences, helping to build your international brand.

Think of your original content as a template, then use Duplicate video to publish it again in as many different languages that make sense.

Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, is one organization that is expanding its impact by using Wibbitz for video duplication service in-house to maximize the reach of its message. They’ve created a monthly video series to remember moments in Holocaust history that occurred during each month. This video was posted in July.

To spread awareness to more people, they use the Duplicate video feature to publish the same video in English, Russian, and Hebrew. They also reformat video content into landscape and vertical dimensions so it’s optimized for each social media channel they post on. Yad Vashem posted this video in August.

Reformat video content so size dimensions are optimized for every channel

It can’t be overstated how important it is to ensure your dimensions are optimized for each channel you publish on when trying to scale video online.

Even if you’re merely shooting videos on your iPhone (which is perfectly okay), knowing the recommended size(s) and supported aspect ratios of the social channels you publish on is key to maximizing the effectiveness of your videos – and the impression that your brand leaves on viewers.

That’s because when you match the ideal video dimensions of each channel, it shows that you care about producing quality content, which goes a long way with Millennial and Gen-Z audiences.

That’s why Dr. Oz is such a big fan of using Duplicate video. Because Dr. Oz’s team posts videos on a variety of channels, they make sure to reformat video content to have the appropriate size dimensions for each one.

Whether its horizontal landscape videos for Facebook and YouTube, square videos for Instagram, or vertical videos for Twitter or Instagram Stories, Dr. Oz’s team makes sure that every piece of content gets the Duplicate video treatment to reformat video content for wherever they post.




Use Duplicate video and Rebrand when managing content across numerous brands

Some marketers looking to scale video online in certain roles have the added responsibility of managing multiple brands beneath a company’s umbrella, like the lean, overachieving team at USA Today Sports.

There, a three-person video team was asked to scale video online for more than 50 national, local, and interest-specific sports brands – an endeavor that could easily have stressed out even the most seasoned content creators several years ago without the help of a pricey, outsourced video duplication service.

To make their jobs significantly easier and create a seamless feel between videos across all of their brands, the USA Today Sports content creation crew uses the Rebrand and Duplicate video tools in Wibbitz. These features make it incredibly simple to share stories that connect numerous niche sports audiences while keeping each brand distinct by displaying its unique logo and colors.

Thanks to the Rebrand feature, USA Today Sports’ operation manager, Will Clark, and two teammates were able to create unique videos for all 256 picks in the NFL Draft, for all 32 teams, in just five minutes.

Check out a couple of their videos below to see how they continue to scale video online out with Rebrand to publish well over 1,000 videos each month.

And, don’t be afraid to “steal like an artist” if you think any of these tools and tactics can work for you when it comes to streamlining your video creation workflow. That way, you can start to scale video online without having to relinquish some elements of control or go over your budget by outsourcing to a third-party video duplication service. Just see how DraftWire and SeahawksWire do it:

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