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Product demo video creation tips for winning new business

Jul 24, 2019


Creating awesome demo videos for your business or products is basically mandatory for all marketing plans in this day and age. Audiences love them – 54% of consumers actually want brands to make more videos. And so do 88% of video marketers, who say demo videos have had a positive effect on their business through satisfying ROIs. So what are you waiting for? Here’s how to get started making your own awesome demo videos.

Why short, digestible demo video content is a must-have

Besides that fact that literally everyone loves them (according to the stats we shared above), demo video content is a practical addition to your marketing tool kit. They help cover a variety of topics in a way most blog posts or email newsletters simply can’t. From teaching customers how to use your product to capturing better, more qualified leads, there’s a lot to love about this video marketing content type including the fact that it allows viewers to get a feel for your brand before they commit to purchasing.

3 things every business & product demo video needs

No matter what industry you’re in or what your marketing goals are, if you’re going to make a demo video you have to include these essentials:

  • A single, focused topic. While these videos tend to be longer than their top of funnel counterparts, keep things simple by limiting the subject matter to one point.
  • One clear CTA. And make sure it’s sales focused. Things like getting a quote and scheduling an introductory meeting are appropriate here.
  • Customized branding. As with all marketing content, make sure your demo videos match the look and tone of your brand to create a cohesive message.

It’s also good to keep in mind that your business and product demo videos probably aren’t going to be the first thing your prospect sees when they learn about you. This type of content usually plays a more important role in the decision making process before and after their first contact.

Demo video creation for businesses: 5 best practices

Creating effective demo videos are about more than just filming what your product can do. They have to fulfill a specific marketing goal through clear purpose and execution. These real world examples from leading brands do exactly that. Use the tips below to inspire video creation for your business or product:

1. Remove obstacles.

Bluprint knows that their digital, members only archive of educational videos for all skill levels makes a big ask from their subscribers: their free time. In honor of this how precious this commodity is, Bluprint chose to make a video that removes this obstacle for their customers. Whether you have two minutes or twenty, this demo video shows viewers that they’ll always have time to fit creativity (aka Bluprint classes) into their busy lives.

2. Simplify your pitch.

Science and technology based toys can be hard to explain which is why Little Bits decided to show more than they tell with this well executed product demo video. A handful of sentences and video of the toy in use is all it takes to get customers on board.

3. Identify target audiences.

If you want your own product demo video to communicate a large amount of information in a simple, easy to digest way, then Headspace’s example is one you should definitely pay attention to. Their product caters to a wide variety of users who, for the most part, have different goals, careers, and schedules. But thanks to this demo video, the brand is able to get to the essence of what they do and why the viewer should join, no matter what demographic they fall into.

4. Highlight new features.

When your product gets an upgrade you really should make a video about it. That’s what MortgageHippo did in this example. They’re primary customers can learn how to maximize their use of the product while prospects can check out yet another great buying incentive that brand has to offer. They also do a great job of covering one topic quickly and thoroughly.

5. Review USPs.

SimilarWeb knows that their product has done wonders for their customers’ marketing strategy, which is why they made this video. It gives the viewer on overview of what the product does and all the ways in which it can help them optimize their own marketing efforts. The five unique selling points listed in this video are easy to remember and communicated in less than a minute – a major plus for busy consumers who are trying to compare a few products at once.

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