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6 creative ways to promote your video content

May 23, 2019


We all know how much of an impact video can make on pretty much every major marketing goal – especially when you have the right workflow in place (for more on that, make sure to download our latest report). But it doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one gets to see it! Here are 6 creative ideas you can use to promote videos in order to reach the right audience and achieve the highest ROI.

1. Repurpose content

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when coming up with new social media marketing ideas. So if you have a slightly longer video to promote, your first step should be to break it down into shorter, more consumable content for your Stories, where teaser snippet videos are great traffic drivers. According to, “the more short videos that can be found either about, or created by, your brand, the better luck you have at reaching your audience and becoming an influencer in your industry.”

For example, when (a LiveNation brand and Wibbitz customer) featured a live recording of Robert DeLong on their website, they knew they had a hit on their hands that was worthy of even more attention. Which is why they decided to promote it on their Instagram Stories by repurposing some of the footage into a 10-second vertical teaser (created in the Wibbitz platform, of course!). While the Stories version only lasted 24 hours before disappearing, they made sure to add it to their Stories Highlights – and the content became evergreen thanks to their clever repurposing.

2. Try podcasting

According to the latest podcasting statistics, there are over 73 million podcast listeners in the U.S. alone. Experts say that number will climb even higher, reaching 132 million by 2022. But what does the success of podcasting have to do with your video content?

Despite being an auditory medium, podcasting can be used to promote video content. You can use free tools like iMovie to extract the audio from your video and add it to a podcast episode. Or, if your video uses text, record someone reading it out loud and share the results.

Either way, if you include this oral snippet, be sure to let listeners know where they can view the full video. You might even want to promote a special landing page for your video content to see how many podcast listeners you convert.

3. Tag micro-influencers.

Industry leaders or niche interest micro-influencers can be a video promotion goldmine. Simply share your video across your usual social media platforms. Then tag the targeted parties in your post. Let them know why you tagged them. Is this something they’d get a kick out of? Or will it help their followers somehow?

The trick is to not just get their attention. You also have to clearly lay out why it would benefit them to share the piece. Either way, as long as you do so professionally, tagging micro-influencers will help get new eyeballs on your work. And who knows – you might even convert over some of their fan base in the process!

4. Boost success

One social media marketing idea that helps with video promotion is to use the Boost feature.

But here’s the trick: share your video across all of your platforms. Use a variety of post messages, tags, and time/dates. Experiment to see what works best until you’ve reached peak social media success with your video post.

Then take your most successful version on any platform and pay to Boost it. Your content is already a hit with you audience, so why not help get it in front of other people who are likely to love it as well? Doubling down on what works is a sure fire way to increase video views and engagement.

5. Email GIFs

Video GIFs are just one of those types of content we don’t seem to be getting tired of. In fact, 26.7% of all websites (that exist on the entirety of the internet) have at least one verifiable GIF on them. They’re delightful, easy to share, and fun to consume.

Create GIFs of your video content and share them via email to your newsletter subscribers. These mini teaser trailers of your video will help pique their interest. Just remember to include a provocative CTA to really seal the deal. Here are 5 more creative ideas for adding video into your email marketing!

6. Encourage employees

Who better to promote your great video content than your employees themselves? Employee advocacy is a great social media marketing idea that helps reach high yield audiences. Friends, family, and industry peers are already liking the content your employees share, so why not get your latest video in front of their faces? This is especially effective on Facebook, a platform that seems to value individual over business accounts.

A great example of this comes directly from our own experience. When our own team at Wibbitz promoted the following video to celebrate International Women’s Day, the piece was also shared by our CEO, Zohar. Thanks to Zohar’s promotion on his personal platforms, the video views jumped an impressive 683%!

You’re practically surrounded by brand advocates. Don’t be afraid to tap into those resources!

It may be #InternationalWomensDay… but at Wibbitz, we celebrate our #womenintech every day. Head to our blog to find out how:

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