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How to create videos for every social platform

Jun 29, 2017


Wibbitz’s in-house editorial team creates daily Top Story news videos using our text-to-video Control Room platform. In her guest post, Wibbitz Editor Roseanne breaks down the video formats and styles that perform best on everyone’s favorite social platforms.

Video content is taking the media industry by storm, garnering more audience engagement than any other medium – especially on social platforms, where, according to Cisco, nearly a million minutes of video will be shared every second by 2019. However, every social video platform is different. In order to build an effective social video strategy, it’s critical understand which formats and storytelling methods work best on each platform, and to invest in multiplatform video solutions to get each video on its intended platform. The Wibbitz Control Room’s Duplicate feature is a great tool for multiplatform publishing, as it allows publishers to create a copy of every video with one click. Then, they can quickly crop the new video version in a vertical or square shape, make minor tweaks, and publish every video to their intended platform. Regardless of your strategy,  it’s important to make sure you’re creating effective videos for each platform using the following best practices:


More than 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook each day. That means more than 100 billion hours are spent on Facebook, watching videos alone. One of Facebook’s tactics to increase viewer engagement and shares is the square video. With more users reaching for their cellphones to access Facebook, square videos tend to be more visually appealing within a newsfeed, and will outperform landscape videos covering the same story. The platform has also become a great place to publish vertical videos, especially within their new Facebook Stories section. It’s great to switch between vertical and square on a Facebook feed to keep it interesting – which is easy to do with the Wibbitz platform, because once you duplicate and crop a video, you can publish it directly to your Facebook feed in a click. Check out this vertical video we published from the Control Room to the Wibbitz Facebook page:

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Snapchat is a main player in social media and is known as the go-to platform in the media sphere. The platform is used by various brands and personalities as a marketing technique to grow their social following and engage with their audience. Videos posted on Snapchat are short and sweet, allowing audiences to capture the essence of the story within just a few seconds. Snapchat was the first platform to introduce micro-short-form vertical videos (aka Snippets) in their Stories section. As these 10-second or shorter video clips feature teaser headlines and visually dynamic transitions, Snippet videos are perfect for encouraging further engagement throughout an entire story on mobile-only platforms. Here’s a great example of a teaser Snippet video – because who can resist a good celebrity beef?


Like Snapchat, Instagram is particularly useful for brief and fun videos that showcase the headline and tease the subject. The two types of videos which are most suitable and effective on Instagram are vertical Snippets and square videos. If you’re opting to simply tease or preview an article on your website, vertical Snippet videos are the perfect format for your Instagram Stories – especially with Instagram Stories’ linking feature, which has generated 15-25% swipe-through rates for publishers and brands. When posting media on your Instagram News Feed, however, square videos are the best option. Since the feed displays graphic elements in square form, you can customize your video to fit the exact frame. It’s great to publish videos that reveal interesting facts that your audience may find interesting enough to share or tag their friends – like this video about everyone’s favorite wizard:


While Twitter was initially a little late to get into the full video mode, the social platform is now reaching its peak when it comes to posting video content. Since Twitter’s video format is supported for mobile apps, the standard format for videos are in square shape. In our Control Room, you can select a video and augment the shape and format to fit your Twitter feed, then post it directly to your Twitter feed in one click.  As Twitter is the place for trending news, it’s best to post videos that cover the stories everyone’s talking about. Here’s a great square video that I created for Twitter around this summer’s buzziest film: