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YouTube video ideas from leading Wibbitz storytellers

By Katherine Salsgiver | Mar 12, 2019


While YouTube has been a major player in the video space since 2005, many brands are still hesitant to dip their toes into the YouTube content creation world. However, according to a recent Wibbitz report, YouTube is one of the top three social platforms for news coverage, career development, and entertainment for Millennial and Gen-Z viewers. In addition, over one billion hours of videos watched on YouTube each day according to HubSpot. Clearly, this social video titan isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

With those kinds of numbers, it’s apparent that a YouTube strategy should be a mainstay in every brand’s video strategy. In this post, you’ll learn how five leading brands are using Wibbitz to create videos for YouTube that can serve as inspiration for your own brand’s YouTube video strategy.

Dr. Oz

Best known for his hit health and wellness show, Dr. Oz has made a splash on YouTube in recent years. From workout tips to diet plans to celebrity interviews, Dr. Oz has perfected how to make a youtube video that not only educates but engages his target audience.

As shown in the video below, Dr. Oz keeps his videos short and sweet while still packing in his much sought-after health advice. His messaging, when paired with a colorful and diverse set of video clips, keeps his viewers entertained all while securing his status as a thought leader in the health arena.


SimilarWeb is a platform that allows its customers to review web analytics and market intelligence on their competitors and clients. The company’s mission to equip users with actionable insights is fully reflected in its YouTube content, as seen in the video below.

The genius of SimilarWeb’s strategy comes from their ability to create videos for YouTube that pair perfectly with related website content. Their YouTube video ideas come directly from recently published reports and articles, which are linked in each video description. This video strategy provides viewers with key takeaways from important industry news, which they can later explore more deeply in branded reports.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Dedicated to the health and wellbeing of children, it comes to no surprise that Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin uses YouTube to tell the stories that matter most to them. Like much of their YouTube content, the video below is as uplifting as it is informative, sharing the story of Ollie and his amazing success after treatment.

While your brand might differ quite greatly from Children’s Hospital, any company can take notes on their ability to craft a subtle, narrative-driven testimonial. By using a variety of original footage and highlighting raving quotes from Ollie’s mother, the video not only celebrates Ollie’s success, but also showcases the high level of care expected from Children’s Hospital.

The Western Journal

The Western Journal is a conservative online news publication that prides itself on its strong connection to the American Heartland. Their video topics range widely, from politics to lighthearted entertainment news, but always maintain a focus on their target audience.

The Western Journal’s YouTube video strategy is simple enough, yet effective: use YouTube as a short-form video hub, allowing their on-the-go audience to access breaking news on the fly. The video below is a great example of their “fast news” strategy — in just over one-and-a-half minutes, they were able to provide viewers with context and commentary on a recently-leaked video, ensuring that no viewer missed out on the latest.

Nature Safe

Nature Safe, a subsidiary of Darling Ingredients, is an organic commercial fertilizer provider for eco-conscious farmers and landscapers alike. In this video made in the Wibbitz platform, Nature Safe speaks directly to potential customers by sharing a high-level overview of their product.

At only 33 seconds long, Nature Safe wastes no time by packing in informative yet succinct messaging to their video. Their video composition should also be commended — Nature Safe’s key points are beautifully framed with varied shot styles and dynamic transitions, maintaining their viewers’ attention all the way through.

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