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How to create marketing videos… in under 5 minutes

Aug 7, 2018


As marketers ourselves, we know that when you a marketing video can be easier said than done. Between coming up with an idea, fine-tuning your story, and making sure it translates properly to video – the process can sometimes be both daunting and time-consuming. Many of our customers shared these pain points in our video content marketing survey, and based on those insights, we knew we had to develop an easier way to create marketing videos – and thus, Storyboards were born.

Created by our own in-house video experts, Storyboards serve as both thought-starters and marketing video templates that can help you tell the perfect story through video. And since we introduced them into the platform, our marketing video Storyboard templates have already helped Wibbitz users create marketing videos 2.2x faster than before.

We’ve organized the 50+ video Storyboard templates available in the Wibbitz platform by two different filters: their video format (vertical, square or landscape), and the common marketing goals that they help achieve. So whether you want to use video to Engage, Inspire, or Promote, we have the perfect website, Instagram, or Facebook marketing video template available for you. All you need to do is filter by format or goal, swap out your copy and media, and send it out into the world!

Here’s a sneak peek at three of our customers’ favorite marketing video Storyboard templates – based on the various goals they help achieve, and the platforms they work best for:

1. Engage on Instagram Stories

Want to get the conversation going with your Instagram followers? Our True or False Quiz video Storyboard marketing video template (in Vertical, of course) should do the trick. In this example, we added in some fun trivia about top Netflix shows – and make it super easy to swap out with some trivia of your own!

2. Inspire on Facebook

Thanks to the success of Tasty, recipe videos are all the rage on Facebook – even if your brand isn’t food-related. Just come up with a food or drink that you want to be associated with your brand, and feature the ingredients using the Recipe Facebook marketing video template in Square. Your audiences will be inspired to get cooking, and keep coming back for more!

3. Promote on your site

Hosting an event? Then you should probably make sure people know about it! We suggest using the Event Promo video Storyboard marketing video template in Landscape to show off what you have planned for your event, then embed that video within the same landing page for attendees to RSVP – just like we did for our Storyteller Circle event series.

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