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4 ways to integrate Wibbitz into your daily content workflow

By Rotem Dotan | May 15, 2019


More than ever, video is a necessity for brands and companies who want to share a message or tell a story in a compelling, effective way. While perfecting a video strategy is a must for most companies, each has their own unique workflow – from ideation, to editing and review processes, to sharing video content with their audiences.

As a product manager at Wibbitz, I talk with many of our customers, big and small, to learn about their workflow. What I found is that some of them are working with Wibbitz in a silo – that is, not connecting it to any of their other preferred tools in a way that improves their workflow efficiency. So I decided to dig deeper into ways in which they could connect Wibbitz to the tools they use most, to improve the overall efficiency of their workflow. Here are some of the steps I’ll cover:

  • Getting notified in Slack whenever our editorial team creates a new Top Story
  • Automatically creating a Trello card for newly created Wibbitz videos
  • Dynamically updating a Google Sheet with their Wibbitz video links as they’re created
  • Automatically uploading every Wibbitz video they create to Vimeo

Of course, seeing how to automate workflow between Wibbitz and your other tools first requires building a connection. To do so, I recommend using Zapier. Zapier is a free tool that allows you to connect your favorite applications in a way that will better streamline, and even automate workflow. The best part? There’s no development work required – so anyone on your team can build automated workflows in minutes.

Connecting Wibbitz to Zapier

The first step in connecting Wibbitz to any of your other applications is connecting your Wibbitz account to Zapier via your Wibbitz MRSS feed.

Wibbitz gives you an MRSS feed for two sets of videos: videos you’ve created and Wibbitz Top Stories.

The MRSS feed is a simple XML file that gets updated in real time with any new video, and includes its full metadata, made up of information like creation date, title, description, category, keywords, a link to the video file, and more.

To build a connection (referred to as a ‘Zap’ in Zapier), select the ‘RSS’ option in the main dashboard.

Workflow Automation with Wibbitz

Wibbitz to Slack

An easy way to stay in the loop with Wibbitz is by setting up a Zap between Wibbitz and Slack. In this case, you can set it up so that you’ll know whenever our team creates a new Top Story, ready for you to rebrand. This is a great way to stay ahead of the news cycle, and among the first to report on the day’s hottest topics!

As you can see in the example below, connecting to Slack enables Wibbitz to ping you with a notification every time a new Top Story is created – and you can preview the video via a direct link in the message!

automate workflow b2b

Wibbitz to Trello

Managing your team’s workflow in Trello is a great way to stay organized. You can set up a Zap between Wibbitz and Trello that will organize a list based on specific tags with which you’ve labeled your videos in Wibbitz.

In the example below, you can see how we’ve automated lists in Trello based on videos that have been tagged as “For Review.” Each card includes a link to the video draft, and team members can add comments within the card to collaborate and share feedback.

Wibbitz to Google Sheets

Another great way to manage your team’s workflow is by keeping a running list of videos in Google Sheets. You can set up a Zap that will add all the videos you create (along with key pieces of metadata) to a Google Sheet. From there, you can collaborate with your team, update statuses for videos under review, and more.

Content Automation Google Suite

Wibbitz to Vimeo

If you like to house your videos on Vimeo, you can set up a Zap from Wibbitz to Vimeo that will automatically upload any videos you’ve created to your Vimeo account.

You can set up the Zap so that it uploads the videos under a specific privacy setting (in the example below, you can see we keep all of our videos as private) so they’re only visible by an audience when you’re ready to share them.

Content Automation Workflow

How do you manage your daily workflow?

Slack, Trello, Google Sheet, and Vimeo are only a few of the places where you can automate workflow with Wibbitz’s video creation. Have any questions, or your own tips and tricks to share? Let us know! Send ideas to

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