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How to show off your company culture through video

Jan 3, 2019


Today’s job seekers are looking for great company cultures. According to a recent study by Glassdoor, it’s one of the top five most important factors for any new position they consider. The way a company portrays their workplace personality online (through platforms like LinkedIn, branded websites, social channels, etc.) impacts the quality of their potential applicants. It may even make or break a job seeker’s decision to do things like apply for a position, confirm an interview, or accept an offer.

Company culture videos are one of the best ways to show off your brand and persuade top talent in any field. Using videos to show them what experiences they have to look forward to if they are hired is a powerful recruitment tactic. You can create culture videos that help applicants get to know the team, your management style, and what their day-to-day might look like. And when you do it right, you can get all your best candidates excited to join before they even have their first interview.

Here’s one of our favorite company culture videos that we created in the platform for our own Wibbitz family, along with 5 more company culture video ideas we found from other tight-knit teams, that will help inspire your next employer branding campaign:

Share your values

Winston & Strawn uses their company culture videos to showcase what they really care about. This example created in the Wibbitz platform focuses on one individual’s personal experience with cancer. She has now dedicated herself to serving a charitable foundation for a cause that is near and dear to her heart. By sharing her story, Winston & Strawn communicates how deeply they value organizations like this non-profit. They also celebrate their employee’s remarkable accomplishments outside of the office, proving they’re more than just their bottom line. Applicants who view this video get to see the heart behind the brand.

Feature passionate employees

Dropbox has a dedicated Facebook page for potential applicants to explore. They heavily feature videos, with series like the one in this example. Here we see a culture video from their “Life Inside Dropbox” series, which features employees sharing personal stories about who they are and why they chose to work at this company. Throughout the series we see people who work in every department, at almost every level. They have a wide variety of interests, backgrounds, and hobbies but they all have one thing in common; they absolutely love working at Dropbox.

"My Dropbox Story" – Robin Snipes

We’re continuing our journey with another amazing My Dropbox Story – this time highlighting Core AE, Robin W. Snipes. Learn more about Robin's passions and how she develops her leadership skill set through opportunities at Dropbox.

Posted by Life Inside Dropbox on Monday, July 10, 2017


Show off a great day in the life

Google wants to attract high quality interns so they set out to discover what their audiences look for in jobs like these. What they found was that applicants favored working for brands that emphasized fun and imagination in the workplace, something Google offers in spades. This is one of the many company culture ideas that feature current employees but this time it’s with a twist. Instead of just featuring talking heads, they show off the many unique spaces and activities interns get to use and take part in on a regular basis.

Have a little fun

Basecamp has a central office with a mostly remote team. Because of this, the hiring process is all about finding personalities that mesh well with their core employees. Rather than showing off conference rooms and volleyball nets they opted for a highly entertaining practical joke. One of their designers, amused by his coworkers’ coffee habits, decided to challenge them to a blind taste test. One cup held a fast food company’s coffee while the other, brought in by the designer, featured a $46 brew. The video is delightfully silly and showcases the many funny people that applicants might get to work with in the future.

Write a sketch

GE knows that their recruits love technology but they also understand it can lead to some boring jargon and uninspired video content. Instead of using stats and figures, they made this video to play with the concept of useful versus, well, pointless tech. Although they’re using humor, they also manage to share the highlights of why working for GE is better than most other companies in Silicon Valley.