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How leading marketing & PR agencies are supporting clients with video

Jul 9, 2019


Video marketing statistics show that video is the best performing content on the internet today. Which is probably why video content creation is now considered one of the vital new skills PR agents need to thrive. Leading technology PR companies (like the ones listed below) use Wibbitz as part of their marketing technology stack to create a variety of winning client videos. Here are some of their best tips and tricks along with four real world examples to draw inspiration from.

1. Prove credibility

AI-powered videos created with Wibbitz have allowed some of the world’s leading PR and communications firms to help their clients reach audiences (and micro-communities) more efficiently and effectively. In the above example, FleishmanHillard’s client received a 2018 retrospective. The video features an impressive list of accomplishments, eye-catching imagery, and featured headlines from leading names in news.

CASE STUDY: How FleishmanHillard helps their global clients stay ahead of the curve with social video

The key to this video’s success was FleishmanHillard’s decision to combine the client’s accomplished business objectives alongside credibility indicators (like relevant press clips, firsthand video snippets, and cohesively branded hashtags).

Adding a mix of these components alongside information like relevant statistics, quotes from industry experts, and associated brands is a surefire way to help your clients stand out amongst their competition.

2. Transform complex plans into digestible ideas

In this video, FleishmanHillard does another excellent job of playing to their client’s specific strengths while still creating a high quality video – that is both very on-brand, and related to important company news. In less than a minute and a half, FleishmanHillard takes their client’s four-year strategic plan summary and turns it into digestible (and highly shareable) content.

Simplified outline videos like these are a great way to repurpose client press release info, latest news, and business plans.

3. Assert leadership

B2B marketing firm MarketScale created this client video example for Stainless to promote their upcoming appearance at an important industry conference, the NABShow in Las Vegas. In the example above you’ll see real footage of Stainless’s product from death-defying heights and additional info about the event itself.

Through this video, MarketScale was able to position their client as an industry leader. Not only were they able to share details about the company and their accomplishments, the marketing firm also made it clear that the brand is focused on educating their audience on important industry related topics.

MarketScale even went a step further and shared a snippet of exclusive attendees have to look forward to when they stop by the Stainless show booth at the event.

For technology PR companies looking to assert their client’s industry leadership through video, take a page from MarketScale’s book and share educational content that intersects with both the brand you’re promoting and the industry itself.

4. Simplify subjects

When Nativo (a native advertising company) decided to create a client video for the Utah Office of Tourism, they made sure to keep it simple. By focusing on the client’s main selling point, the video created with Wibbitz helped communicate the number one reason why viewers should visit Utah: ski resort proximity.

They then followed up their claim with a branded slogan and some very persuasive supporting points (like videos of vacationers speeding down mountains). By focusing on a singular location and primary benefit, Nativo basically helped viewers plan an entire vacation in a little over a minute.

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