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How to cover trending news stories… and make them your own

By Sam Valorose | Oct 3, 2018


Every reporter knows the mad dash to push out content when news breaks. Long gone are the days where a simple article would suffice to cover a story. In 2018, a written article is only a small piece of a much larger picture. Engaging social copy and content on multiple platforms, regular follow-ups and video, video and more video are all necessary to capture your audience’s diminishing attention. As the competition in the publishing space constantly increases, time is of the essence to push out high-quality video around the breaking story. At the same time, you don’t want to just put out the same story as everyone else, so audiences have a reason to pay attention to your story.

That’s where Wibbitz Top Stories come in. Our team of experienced video producers in our Creator Network are located throughout the world, creating hundreds of videos a week based on trending entertainment, sports, lifestyle and breaking news – videos that strictly report the facts without bias or media slant. When news breaks, we’ve already got a video for it in English, French, and Spanish, and we’ve already selected the best pieces of media from the top media providers like Getty and Reuters. All you have to do is rebrand and add your own voice.

For example, when rapper Mac Miller suddenly passed, NBC News, iHeartRadio and Bossip all rebranded our Wibbitz Top Story but each added their own editorial style. These outlets were not only able to have video content around the breaking stories just after it happened but could also stay consistent with their individual editorial voice.

Here’s what our Top Story of the news looked like:

And here’s what it looked like after NBC News rebranded it and made it their own:

In just a few minutes, the NBC News team was able to make some slight changes to the copy and the structure of the video to fit their editorial guidelines. You’ll see that they added five more scenes to the original video (as we tend to keep our videos’ length to around one minute), and included information about his background, his debut album, rise to fame and more.

By using our Top Stories like NBC News, you can add your own outlet’s voice and editorial view to the video and publish it while the story is still new. We’ve already selected the best pieces of media, all you have to do is rebrand and make it your own. Rebranding Wibbitz’s Top Stories is the perfect solution to keep your newsroom’s video content on the cutting edge, giving your brand the one-up on the competition.

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Written by
Sam Valorose

Video Producer at Wibbitz

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