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Video marketing for non profits: 3 creative ways to promote the cause

By Taylor Spallino | Mar 27, 2019


In the nonprofit sector, marketing goals and metrics that indicate success are typically tied to public awareness and fundraising. With thousands of different organizations for prospective donors to choose from, it’s critical to develop a winning marketing strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd and rally the most support for your cause.

One of the best ways to reach your awareness and fundraising goals is to leverage video marketing as a primary channel. Video engagement makes up an enormous part of all web traffic (roughly 80%), and according to one study, 57% of online donors make a gift after watching an inspirational fundraising video. For nonprofits, video marketing is particularly valuable because this type of storytelling around your organization can help your viewers feel that they’re part of your mission, and see how their involvement is directly making a difference.

To date, many nonprofits have been unable to prioritize video in their marketing strategy – whether that’s due to a lack of internal resources, or simply because they think it’s too expensive (and have yet to see its ROI). However, there are some nonprofits that are blazing the trail and finding creative ways to leverage video, and are seeing some great results – with 90% of nonprofit marketers saying videos are important in their decision-making process.

We’ve put together a list of some of the innovative ways our nonprofit customers are taking advantage of video to grow awareness and ultimately reach their fundraising goals, without breaking the bank.

1. Educate the public like Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of marketing for nonprofit organizations is educating the public on the importance of the company’s mission. Some of the best nonprofit videos do just that by creating a compelling visual story out of otherwise dry facts and figures.

Susan G. Komen, a breast cancer-focused nonprofit, is a wonderful example of an organization who found a way to leverage data within video to reach their goal of audience education. They incorporate a number of important stats into the video, and couple it with footage from some of their most successful events, to both inspire hope within their community and build a sense of urgency for prospective donors to take action during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

2. Build communities like National Forest Foundation

Increasing donor loyalty and building community are often important company-wide goals for nonprofits, and typically the nonprofit marketing plan needs to support these initiatives. Visual stories are powerful ways of community building because they give you the opportunity to not only provide information in a compelling media format, but to also interact directly with your audience by bringing their experiences with your brand to life.

In the example below, The National Forest Foundation shares a playful video of puppy photos they received as part of a photo contest for their trail hikers. This type of campaign has a lot of potential to create a splash across social media, as featured users are likely to share videos like this to their own social networks.

3. Share inspirational messages like National Partnership for Women & Families

Last but not least, another effective way to engage prospective donors and supporters is to inspire them with positive messages surrounding your cause. This, similarly to community building, creates the sense of belonging that leads to a trusting and transparent relationship between you and your audience.

The National Partnership for Women & Families created a quick and easy video that interactively shares inspiring quotes from female powerhouses around the world. While not-so self promoting, the emotional response elicits hope and power for women (a fundamental goal of this organization), and grows positive awareness in a more passive way. Like our second example, this is a video that you could confidently expect to perform well on social media; people enjoy sharing things that inspire themselves and others.

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