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5 ways B2B marketing leader SimilarWeb visualizes data through video

By Terra Lampi | Jul 31, 2018


For today’s B2B marketers, having access to data is critical – and having the ability to tell stories through data is a game-changer. SimilarWeb, the leading intelligence platform for millions of marketers, is a prime example of how valuable data-driven visual storytelling can be for getting in front of business-minded audiences. Since working with Wibbitz, their team has created tons of video stories around the rich data found in their platform – and have been able to drive over 10,000 monthly views on LinkedIn alone.

Here are five of our favorite ways that SimilarWeb has used our platform to bring their data to life, and some takeaways from their videos that should be implemented by every data-driven marketer:

The Power of Instagram

In this video, SimilarWeb juxtaposed stock footage of young smartphone users with engaging infographics, and set the pace with an upbeat soundtrack, to spotlight the constant growth of millennials’ favorite social platform.

Search Trends In The News

Listicle videos are great ways to compare datasets – especially when that data can be represented with relevant video footage. Here, the SimilarWeb team used both editorial and stock footage to share a Top 5 list of trending search terms.


To analyze the effect that the #DeleteFacebook campaign had on the popular platform, SimilarWeb showcased Facebook’s strongest features by pulling in video and images that show just how “liked” the platform is – and how resilient it can be to potential backlash.

Spotify Amps It Up

In Spotify Amps It Up, SimilarWeb incorporated fun video assets to complement their text, and made use of our Social Post text overlay to display data in a graph.

Bold Travel Predictions From Travel Leaders

This is a great example of how Similar Web uses video to share insights and bold predictions that are specific to a certain industry – in this case, by interviewing leaders from the travel industry. This video made great use of our Quote text overlay to share the leaders’ forecasts:

Check out this case study to learn more about SimilarWeb’s success with data-driven video storytelling!


Written by
Terra Lampi

Customer Success Manager at Wibbitz

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