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AMI Partners with Wibbitz to Expand Digital Video and Advertising Offerings

By Zohar Dayan | May 31, 2017


The advertising landscape is evolving along with audiences’ media consumption habits, which are primarily dependent upon two factors: population and platform. Population shifts create a younger, more tech-savvy consumer base, and encourage advertisers to seek for an effective multiplatform advertising solution. American Media Inc. (AMI), the legacy media company that pioneered celebrity and lifestyle reporting, foresaw this trend, and began leveraging innovative technologies to integrate its monetization solution into every medium including print, digital, and mobile. We’re excited that AMI has chosen to partner with Wibbitz to achieve this goal by diversifying their ad inventory with original digital video content. You can find the full press release here.

In order to provide their loyal magazine audiences with a place to consume their content online, AMI developed its own video team to produce videos around their print stories. Due to the extremely high CPMs and levels of engagement that their videos generated, AMI began looking for new ways to ramp up production, as they were still unable to create a video for every article, for all of their digital brands. Since partnering with Wibbitz, every editor at Radar Online, OK Magazine, and Us Weekly is able to create video summaries for all of their print stories within our platform, and publish them to their website and social channels when the story is still trending.

“As the first media brand to integrate print, digital, and mobile into one package for advertisers, we realized the huge monetization opportunity that digital video offers early on. Wibbitz’s automated video creation platform largely speeds up our video production process and diversifies our video content offerings, which opens up a lot more ways for us to work strategically with our advertising partners.”

— Dylan Howard, Chief Content Officer at AMI 

To help AMI speed up the process of integrating automated video into its daily workflow, Wibbitz’s in-house editorial team not only provides hands-on training sessions, but also works as an extended video team by creating daily videos for AMI brands’ top trending articles. Check out this video that Wibbitz’s editors created for AMI’s leading celebrity brand Radar Online:

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Zohar Dayan