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7 ways to add text to your video with our new FLEX tools

By Justen Haynes | Jul 10, 2018


The Wibbitz platform recently rolled out FLEX, our new fully-customizable text editing tools, to give our users even more creative control over the look and feel of their video’s text. FLEX comes equipped with three presets — Action, Focus and Wonder — each of which offer different variations of the platform’s new fonts and and styles you can use when you add text to videos. However, the presets are just your starting point – because FLEX allows you to build your own Theme that you can use on as many videos as you like! Here are some ways you can now add text to video using our new text styling tools:


1. Font:

The FLEX Theme offers six fonts ranging from minimal to hyper-stylized.

  • Use script fonts like Pacifico when you want to get fancy with your text. This style is great for ‘Lifestyle’ videos. Just make sure to use script fonts sparingly with short titles and headers – they can be a bit hard to read when used for multiple lines.
  • Serif fonts like Merriweather are cleaner and more formal, making them great for ‘Business or Politics stories. Like Script fonts, Serif fonts (the ones with the small lines sailing from the edges of the letters) are hard to read when used for body text – so it’s best to use them with minimal text.
  • Sans-serif fonts like Raleway are great to use when you have a whole lot of text to add to your video, or when you want your headers to look more modern. This is also the type of font you’ll want to use if you want your text to be in ALL CAPS.

2. Size:

Change up how your text takes up each scene with three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. A great rule of thumb for appropriate text sizes is:

  • Small font: More text on screen (helps you avoid scrolling text on a single scene)
  • Medium font: Short sentences, or when you want the media in the background to be noticed more than the text
  • Large font: A few words on screen, or when you want the text to be noticed more than the media behind it

3. Text Color:

Select from up to three of your brand’s default colors, or add a HEX code to add text to video using any color of the rainbow!

  • If you’re using ‘Title + Text’ to create a video with text overlay, for example, you can choose a different color for the ‘Title’ than you use for the ‘Text’.
  • Don’t be afraid to play with different color combinations. Primary colors always look great together (Red, Yellow and Blue) – so it’s always great to choose colors that are opposite from your brand’s color in the color wheel.
  • You may also want to choose your color based on how you want your story to make your user feel. For example, green makes a viewer feel calm, and purple is associated with royalty or wealth.

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New Wibbitz video themes change the way you add text to video

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4. Marker Color & Style:

Use this tool to highlight words in ‘Highlight,’ ‘Meme’ and ‘Text Card’ text overlays. The marker option also allows you to Italicize highlighted words and outline them in white or black.

  • Add the Italics style when quoting books or movie titles, or when you really want to bring an important point home.
  • Outlining words makes them pop on screen, and helps separate the text from the backdrop when it’s super busy and difficult to pair with a color.

5. Style:

This feature is meant to make your text stand out from the image or video behind it. Each text overlay has its own Style options that best suit that video with text overlay example. The options are:

  • Box: Place a colored box around the text
  • Stripes: Place stripes behind each line of text
  • Line: Place a vertical line beside the text
  • None: Leave the text as is

6. Position:

This tool lets you add text to video wherever you desire. Each text overlay will have its own position options, as well.

The best advice to give with this one is to just have fun with the frame. Always think: what’s happening in your image or video footage and how can the text complement that?

7. Logo:

You can now turn your brand’s logo watermark on or off. You can use this option if you want to add text to the videos’ upper right-hand corner of the frame without blocking your logo.

Written by:
Justen Haynes

Video Producer at Wibbitz

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