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8 Signs That You’re A Certified News Junkie

By Alexandra Nicholson | Dec 17, 2015


How do you know when news has become your addiction? Granted it may not be a bad addiction to have, but it’s good to know you’re not alone in your news-consumed ways. Here are the signs that your news habit has become more than simply keeping up with current events.


1. 90% of the alerts on your phone are from news apps or publishers…or maybe closer to 100%.

2. You bought the Apple Watch just for the bite-sized news alerts, and you can’t get enough of those taps on your wrist.

3. You still read the newspaper, the actual paper.

4. You haven’t seen any of the acclaimed Netflix original series, you’re too busy watching HuffPost Live.

5. Social media? More like News Media. You use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat for news discovery instead of chatting with friends or posting personal photos.

6. You laugh the hardest at satirical news comedy programming. Jon Stewart’s last episode of The Daily Show may have been one of your saddest moments…

7. All of your web browser bookmarks are links to news sites.

8. Watching the network and local TV news channels has become highly unsatisfying—you watch all channels to cross-examine biases, and then research the same topics online so you can get the whole story. Excessive? Maybe…

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Alexandra Nicholson