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7 Publishers That Are Killing It With Social Video

By Li Zhao | Oct 27, 2016


Halloween might be something that we will never outgrow. Pumpkin lanterns, spooky costumes, trick-or-treat, and – you may have noticed – the growing popularity of brands that plunge into marketing for Halloween. Among all of the holiday promotions, the most eye-catching and far-reaching campaigns have a heavy focus on social video. So it doesn’t sound too bold when a Facebook VP predicted that the social network would “definitely” be mobile, and would “probably” be all “video, video, video” in the next five years. In light of our favorite holiday, we rounded up 7 publishers that are so good at social video… it’s scary.

1. NowThis Media

NowThis serves their millennial audience with daily coverage of breaking, trending, and buzz-worthy news stories. This social video-only publisher was snapped by Snapchat and added to its Discover page about 8 months ago. NowThis recently upgraded its social strategy by collaborating with PBS’s documentary series POV, who created 2 six-minute interactive documentaries specifically for Snapchat. The films were created to stream exclusively on the NowThis Discover channel within a 24-hour window. As one of the first pioneers in the space, NowThis keeps growing and will most likely continue to dominate native social video consumption.

2. Buzzfeed’s Tasty

With over 73 million followers on Facebook, Tasty is proof of the Internet’s insatiable love for food content. To further leverage Tasty’s popularity, Buzzfeed launched Proper Tasty featuring comfort food for British foodies. The success of Tasty and Proper Tasty attributed to its tailor-made video content for Facebook’s autoplay feature. Each video is around one-minute long, and starts playing without the sound on by default. Tasty and Proper Tasty also format all their videos in a square format, and feature large and colorful text overlays to provide audiences with the best social viewing experience.

3. TMZ Quickies

TMZ is known for breaking Hollywood’s biggest scandals, and its expansion across social platforms has largely shaped the way that the public consumes celebrity gossip. Among all their channels, Facebook is still where the majority of their fans are engaging with the brand. The publisher tasted the sweetness of Facebook Live earlier this year, and saw an average of 75,000 to 100,000 views per live stream. TMZ also created the new Facebook video channel TMZ Quickies, which features automatically optimized social videos created in the Wibbitz Control Room – and have already generated an average of 400,000 views per Quickie video.

4. Bleacher Report

Even if you are not a sports fan, you may still have seen viral Bleacher Report videos on your social feed. Filling the gap of mainstream sports reports, Bleacher Report distributes entertaining and informative social videos through multiple social media platforms for their young sports fans to share. The publisher has never been afraid of combining controversial moves in the sports industry with pop culture memes in their videos, and encourages engagement in the comments section with trivia questions and opinionated stories.

5. NFL

NFL Thursday Night Football is airing live on Twitter… for free? That’s right. The stream is globally accessible in the “Moments” section of the Twitter app on phones, tablets, desktops and connected TVs. NFL is making the shift into OTT digital streaming to attract active social media audiences who value mobility and cord-cutters who simply don’t have cable services. The partnership has also benefited NFL’s broadcast partners CBS and NBC with additional advertising opportunities, and has given Twitter a big boost in their competition against streaming giant Facebook Live.

6. The New York Times

With a long history of top-quality journalism, The New York Times is doing a great job adapting to new technology and further solidifying their spot as the leading news source. In fact, 1/3 of its over 64 million average digital, mobile, and print readership are millenials. The established publisher was one of the first to test the Facebook Live platform, and has since provided audiences with live, in-depth videos covering everything from the Presidential Debate to behind-the-scenes at the Times headquarters. Facebook Live’s initial million investment into The New York Times has already paid off – each video is generating an average of 2-3 million views.

7. National Geographic

There are no other publishers who offer breathtaking videos quite like National Geographic. So it only makes sense that the publisher is killing the video game on Instagram, the #1 destination for, well, beautiful destination coverage. National Geographic, along with its network of incredible journalists and photographers, approves its storytelling ability by packaging images of of interesting creatures, intriguing social issues and entertaining events around the world into short but informative video narratives.

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Li Zhao