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6 ways video can haunt you and your brand

Oct 29, 2015


Halloween is right around the corner. For some of us, that means horror is in the air. It’s a time when our digital life can become consumed with videos of terrible costume gags, ghosts of embarrassing Snapchats, spooky text emojis and, worst of all, amateur video creation.

With video taking over social media and dominating digital publishing, even our most favorite form of content can sometimes get spooky. Publishers are expanding their investment in digital video, but still name it as one of the top five challenges they face today. In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve pulled together a few video faults (read: witches and warlocks) that can ruin the fun for consumers and publishers alike. Here are six scary ways this beloved medium can haunt you:

1. Video resources are sparser than trick or treat candy.
Publishers know that video is a valuable treat for their business, but the trick is limited budgets and lack of time. Finding a solution for this challenge is so difficult that it may cause flashbacks to the childhood woes of an unsuccessful candy loot.

2. YouTube holds you—or your audience—hostage.
You finish watching an adorable video of Grumpy Cat’s first Halloween, then watch another equally charming video, and then another. YouTube has the dark power of keeping you captive for hours. The same holds true for a publisher’s audience who forgets to visit the publisher’s native site.

3. The spinning wheel of death.
Whether you’re attempting to watch the cute Buzzfeed video of a corgi playing with a tiny pumpkin, or working to maintain a good user experience on your site, the impending circle of doom is nobody’s friend. Lagging load times is a video demon that we all face.

4. The camera loves you a little too much.
It’s all fun and games in the social media world, until you find that embarrassing video on your friend’s Snapchat story. As publishers familiarize themselves with new platforms like Snapchat, they must be cautious of unintentionally recording themselves with a selfie slip-up.

5. When autoplay goes cray.
Autoplay is a wonderful thing when done correctly. It enables a smooth user experience and boosts publishers’ video views. But nothing makes you jump like clicking a link and, bam! The sound of 5 different videos start blasting at once. Platforms and publishers are working to fine tune autoplay with options like ‘scroll to play’, but beware of sudden ghoulish sounds in the meantime.

 6. Video addiction = Hunchback of Halloween costume.
Consumers are constantly hunching over their mobile devices with eyes glued to video after video. Editors hunch over their computer screens, hustling to pump out as much video content as possible. But this widespread video addiction may lead to a permanent costume: the Hunchback of Halloween.
You’d be hard pressed to find anyone this season that hasn’t fallen in love with video, but it’s important to be aware of some scary consequences for both consumers and publishers. It can’t all be funny cat clips, so watch out for a few more spooky things amongst the ghouls and goblins this Halloween.