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6 tips to implement a video player for the first time

Jan 22, 2017


It’s safe to say that the modern day media landscape is constantly evolving. Whether it be Snapchat introducing their Discover platform or Instagram rolling out an enhanced newsfeed, the news consumption industry understands the power of video. In fact, people spent more time watching digital video than they did simply scrolling through social media feeds in 2015.Industry leaders understand that integrating video into their site is the only way to remain relevant and competitive. Now the broader industry is coming to this realization as it gains confidence in the growing influence of video. As more small, mid-tier, and niche publishers begin to venture into digital video, there are certain processes that they’ll need to put in place. Here are tips to keep in mind when first introducing a video player to your site.

1. Omni-channel video players

With mobile video consumption quickly gaining popularity, it is important that videos can be played on both mobile devices and desktops. With a 35% increase in the amount of people who watch videos on smartphones this past year, omni-channel video players are essential.

2. Use UX to your advantage

A little design can go a long way. Having aesthetically pleasing colors, icons and branding can really enhance the viewer experience. A video player should also fit natively within the content of your site.

3. Nix Flash, use HTML5

Flash has issues with security, and is becoming outdated. In order to ensure an optimal video viewing experience, HTML5 should be primarily used.

4. Keep shareability in mind

Make sure your content can be shared on a number of platforms. It’s predicted that by 2017, 69% of all internet activity will be video traffic. Your player should be able to easily be shared widely.

5. Choose the settings best for your site

Players should be implemented on your page in a location that both serves your audience, and ensures optimal monetization. Size and settings for autoplay, scroll-to-play, or click-to-play are also things to asses and decide what works best for you.

6. Integrate into your workflow

A video player should work with your organization’s work processes to make integration as efficient as possible. Video players should support a streamlined workflow, from creation to publishing on your site.

As time progresses, video will be integrated into all sites. With these tips, publishers can immediately enjoy the benefits video brings to any page.