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5 Reasons Not to Miss This Year’s ONA Conference

By Li Zhao | Sep 29, 2017


The Online News Association (ONA) Conference, the world’s largest gathering of digital journalists, is getting even bigger this year. Over 3000 media innovators are convening in Washington, D.C. to share the latest trends and discuss best practices in digital journalism.

Whether you’re a digital media veteran who knows all the ins and outs of the event, or you just heard about ONA and are weighing its benefits, here are five things that will make this year’s ONA conference well worth your time.


1. Pick the biggest brains in digital journalism 

Marking record attendance for the sold-out conference, ONA17 will be a hot spot for all of the most innovative minds in digital media. You’ll meet journalists, media executives, technology developers, entrepreneurs, students and educators under the same roof. ONA encourages conversations around all kinds of topics and challenges in the industry: emerging newsroom technologies, fact-checking, career building… Among so many interesting sessions you can choose from, we are most excited to hear about ICFJ’s (International Center for Journalists) recent global study on Newsroom Tech and Reception, Digital Interaction with News: How to Use AI and Bots in Your Newsroom with participation of GroundSource’s Founder & CEO Andrew Haeg, 10 Tech Trends in Journalism hosted by Amy Webb, CEO of Future Today Institute, and Google’s strategy talk on Building a Sustainable Video Business.

2. Conduct deeper conversations at Table Talks

Table talks are a series of two-hour conversational sessions where you get the chance to collaborate with the top minds in the industry and to explore new solutions to emerging newsroom challenges. Many top speakers from the conference act as the hosts for these coffee-shop-style discussions, and all attendees are encouraged to join. All Table talks sessions are scheduled from the Friday morning, and we will be sure to attend the discussions about “Audience Engagement + Analytics” and “Audio, Video, Photo + Immersive.” Looking forward to hearing your thoughts if you’re there too!

3. Get your questions answered

When conferences are the size of ONA, it’s difficult to maneuver a one-on-one Q&A conversation with most speakers’ post-sessions. At this year’s conference, everyone will have the chance to connect with speakers and shape the conversation in advance by asking questions through each topic’s embedded questions forms.

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4. Take a break and unwind!

The three-full-day conference can be very overwhelming, so remember to take a break every now and then. On the first night, the Wibbitz reps will be at ONA17 Opening Night Reception held at the iconic Newseum in downtown D.C., which is one of the most interactive museums in the world. Enjoy the spectacular fall views of city landmarks with some new friends you just met and grab some drinks and appetizers that are provided! And don’t forget to take advantage of the sponsored breakfasts and luncheons during the conference. You can find the Wibbitz reps at Diversity Mentorship Breakfast and Reuters Leadership Luncheon on day 2.

5. Meet Wibbitz at our booth!

If you are looking to ramp up your original video content production and meet some pretty awesome humans, make sure to find us at our booth! We’ve also prepared lots of Wibbitz swag for you. Stop by to say hi and let us surprise you!

It might be easy to get lost at such a massive event, so here is a map that will lead you to us!

Li Zhao