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10 Hip-To-Be-Square Social Videos Created in the Wibbitz Platform

By Justen Haynes | Oct 10, 2017


Want to know the secret to increase audience engagement on social media? Use square videos. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all support the square video format – which now accounts for 78% of video formats in a person’s newsfeed. All three social media giants have redefined the mobile-viewing experience by offering square to users for a dynamic way of consuming short-form video content. Just a reminder – square videos have a 1:1 aspect ratio that fit with the dimension of your phone screen, which makes it easier for users to enjoy video content without having to turn their phone sideways. For sites like Facebook that have 10.9 billion daily active users on mobile, square videos are a surefire way to increase video views, watch time, and engagement.


The Wibbitz automated video platform makes it easy to create square videos within minutes, and provides users with a variety of stylistic choices to make an engaging square video any mobile user would be drawn to. Here are 10 of our favorites from our partners this month:

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1. Jason Aldean, ‘I’m Afraid to Raise My Children in This World’ (TMZ)

TMZ uses its custom square theme to highlight the most important details on Aldean’s commentary following the shooting in Vegas.

2. Five Apartment Features You Have To Check Before Signing a Lease (Roomiapp)

Roomiapp uses the list style to organize its ideas in a clean, minimalist fashion.

3. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are Expecting Their Third Child (Project Casting)

Project Casting’s square video uses a variety of text overlay styles, including the trendy Meme overlay in the beginning and a quote to tie up the story at the end.

4. J. Lo’s Sexiest Videos (REVOLT)

Revolt simplifies its square video with bold, all uppercase text in the Elegant theme while using a voiceover to aid the reader’s viewing experience.

5. Sergio Garcia has had a Really Good Time Celebrating His Masters Win Alongside His Fiance (For The Win!)

This video took advantage of multiple layouts, formatted their quote with Text Card to accentuate its appearance on screen, and saved the end bit to focus on the pictures we want to see the most.

6. Las Vegas Shooter Seen Falling in Casino Surveillance Footage in 2011 (NBC News)

NBC uploaded a landscape video from their website to the Wibbitz platform to convert it into this bite-sized square video.

7. 10 Things You May Not Know About Kobe Bryant (Hoopshype)

NBA fans will love Hoopshype’s choice to format this list by only highlighting each item’s number.

8. Health Shows You 9 Pregnant Women Who Rule the Gym (Health)

This video experiments with a mix of uploaded video and social media videos to highlight some serious woman power.

9. Three CEOs Resign from Trump Council Over Charlottesville (Law Street)

Law Street keeps it consistent with the Title + Text layout to help organize important details.

10. NFL’s Favorability Rating has Dropped Since Trump Anthem Comments (New York Daily News)

This NFL square video places the text on different parts of the screen and makes good use of a social post from Facebook.

Justen Haynes